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The trick that will add performance to your GeForce card

Do you know how to stream a picture directly to your Shield tablet? Well, it turns out that she sips some of the performance of the card - On your computer - and there's a solution, too

If you have an NVIDIA video card, you're probably familiar with the GeForce Experience - the "center of interest" that has been coming with the company's drivers for the past two years and offers information on new updates launched, general information about your hardware, provides profiles with best settings for supported games With them installed on the system, you can capture video, as well as direct video streaming to Shield products Of the green manufacturer (if you have one).

Now it turns out that the same video streaming capability, called GameStream, is enabled at the system level by default whether you have a compatible product or not - and steals some of the CPU's resources in your system. By using one of countless Reddit forums, There is a fairly simple solution to the problem, which requires access to the Windows services menu (WinKey + R, and then typing 'services.msc' in the pop-up window) Streamer Service, which should be enabled by default, stop and disable it.


This should leave your general processor alone, and add (according to network evidence) about 5 percent to the overall performance of the system. Five percent is not a huge addition and probably will not make the difference from a title that is only grinding to a title that suddenly works flawlessly, but for our performance enthusiasts who are used to fighting every extra megahertz and every other point in the performance test - this is definitely a nice bonus.

Video streaming to your Android device is a cool feature, but it also steals your system resources, so to speak
Streaming Your Android device is a cool feature, but it also steals your system resources, as it were

Have you canceled the rebellious process? Do you have any findings about the added performance or lack of performance? Tell us about your conclusions in the reactions.


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  1. RIGHT] [COLOR = # 333333] Shadowplay?
    I tried and [/ COLOR] [COLOR = # 333333] Shadowplay was still working
    Ilan, that's not true.
    Based on what you're saying,

    Shadowplay? I tried and
    Shadowplay was still working properly (unless after I've rescheduled it will change something).
  2. I tried.
    As soon as I canceled the service I disappeared all the options of shadowplay in the game and when I went into its settings they were off. As soon as I tried to light up the shadowplay restart it automatically shut down.
    Once I restarted the aforementioned service everything was back to work properly

  3. COLOR = # 000000] [FONT = Alef Hebrew] [B] disable [/ B] to [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] [B] [COLOR = # 000000] [FONT = Alef Hebrew] NVIDIA Streamer Service [/ FONT ] [/ COLOR] [/ B]
    Very strange.
    I'm pretty sure this is some specific problem with you.
    I've rescheduled the computer right now and everything is still working properly.

    Maybe you got confused and switched off something else by accident?
    Maybe you'll make sure you do again


    disable to -

    NVIDIA Streamer Service
  4. COLOR = # 000000] [RIGHT] [FONT = Alef
    : After you do

    disable to - 
    NVIDIA Streamer Service you turn off 
    shadowplay then it doesn't let you turn it back on. Maybe you just do 
    disable to - 
    NVIDIA Streamer Service and do not touch at all
  5. It's best to install only the DRIVER, instead of a thousand NVIDIA SERVICES I only have one…

  6. It's best to install only the DRIVER, instead of a thousand NVIDIA SERVICES I only have one ...

    Not exact.
    Without Geforce Experience you will not be able to take advantage of Shadowplay and the other features of the package.

  7. Right, for 99% of the people in the world who don't use and even know there is such a thing, it's best to install only the DRIVER etc ...

  8. Alternatively, for those who have Ilan's problem instead of canceling the service, try blocking the streaming through the options in Geforce Experience and see if there is any difference.

  9. Ahla wrote, many such articles!
    And what is Nvidia network service?
    Maybe this can be eliminated as well? For the PING enthusiasts among us…

  10. If turning off the NVIDIA Streamer Service prevents Shadowplay (and you use it occasionally) simply put it on Manual instead of Disabled.
    This way the service stays off until something asks for it, Za will turn on alone when you turn on Shadowplay. However, it will remain on until the next reboot (or manual stop).

    As for the Network Service, I assume it is used for profile updates and drivers. I wouldn't turn it off.

  11. By the way, this one also canceled SHADOWPLAY (side specifications, current drivers).
    Don't know if Syndrome's solution will work - but once you manually stop the process, just restarting what SERVICES makes SHADOWPLAY work.

  12. I checked and when it is off on Manual, turning on Shadowplay turns it on successfully. That is to say for sure asking to use it.

  13. Can any of you tell me the added value of installing NVIDIA full drivers for the regular user?

  14. Who is the regular user? It depends on his needs. Don't install what you don't need and that's it.
    If it is a driver for 3DVision, a driver for HDAudio, for PhysX or Geforce Experience (driver profile updates, game setup, recordings, streaming, FPS OSD and LED Visualizer).

  15. Does not use SHADOWPLAY so cannot confirm if works or not.

    Geforce 850M 2GB GDDR5
    No noticeable improvement in GTA V
    Like it was 30-70 FPS that way

  16. This may be a bottleneck with the hard drive. Once I switched the shadowplay temp to an SSD drive it seemed to improve performance as much as turn it off (for me at least it's not that significant, 3-4 FPS)
    What's even more interesting is that the temp was already set to a different drive from the drive where GTA is installed, so what would have happened if the temp were set to the same drive?

  17. I was glad I did not install it - unfortunately my video card is so flimsy that this software would not help either.

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