The trick that will add performance to your GeForce card

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Do you know how to stream a picture directly to your Shield tablet? Well, it turns out that she sips some of the performance of the card - On your computer - and there is also a solution

If you have a NVIDIA video card, you are probably familiar with the GeForce Experience - the "center of interest" that comes with the company's drivers over the past two years and offers information on new updates launched, general hardware information, provides profiles with best settings for supported games Installed on the system, allows you to capture video, and also allows you to perform direct video streaming to Shield products Of the green manufacturer (if you have one).

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Now, the same video streaming capability, called GameStream, turns on at the system level by default whether you have a compatible product or not - and takes some of the CPU resources out of your system. By using one of countless Reddit forums, There is a fairly simple solution to the problem, which requires access to the Windows services menu (WinKey + R, and then typing 'services.msc' in the pop-up window) Streamer Service, which should be enabled by default, stop and disable it.


This should let your general processor go and add (according to online testimonials) about 5 percent of the overall performance of the system. Five percent is not a huge plus and probably will not make the difference from an unassuming title to an unbeatable title, but for the performance enthusiasts who are used to fighting for every extra megahertz and every point in the performance test, it's a pretty nice bonus.

Video streaming to your Android device is a cool feature, but it also steals your system resources, so to speak
Streaming Your Android device is a cool feature, but it also steals your system resources, as it were

Have you canceled the rebellious process? Do you have any findings about the added performance or lack of performance? Tell us about your conclusions in the reactions.