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Twin of Xiaomi: Huawei launches a new laptop

The growing Chinese manufacturer is launching an up-to-date MateBook D model with a quad-core processor and a dedicated graphics card with a winky cost

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A few years ago, if someone had stated that Chinese manufacturers with zero experience in the PC market could challenge the old companies in the field for several decades, we probably would have raised an eyebrow and protested in cancellation - but that's what happened in the last year, when even and also Introduce medium and reasonable models at competitive prices that received a lot of affection from visitors. We are not sure that they can also be declared as a huge commercial success (we do not have detailed quantitative data on the subject) - but the mere fact that they continue to reach the market probably proves that there is a lot of potential here.

The new model now coming is the Huawei MateBook D for 2018, which launches 2017's recent days with improved data as required including an 15.6-inch IPS screen and its 1080p resolution and a slim 83 percent aspect ratio between Lake and K product dimensions. Intel Core Quadrants, 8 Gigabit Dynamic Memory, 128 Gigabyte or 256 Gigabyte and Terabyte Mechanical Drive, 10 Windows System, Panoramic Audio System '(Throughout the device, above the keyboard) with Dolby sound enhancements - and a dedicated graphics card MX 150.

Model updated with an interesting cost

The biggest brother in the MateBook series is still compact enough, with a weight of about 1.8 kilograms and a thickness of less than 17 millimeters at the thickest point, a full metal shell, a built-in 43 built-in battery that is supposed to last ten hours, 3.0 Type-A, Connection And a reduced external power supply weighing only 170 grams that contributes a little more to overall mobility.

A screen with a trimmed frame is always a bonus for us

The cost of the basic MateBook D model will be quite intriguing, and will be equivalent to about $ 790 for specifications including the Core i5-8250U chip, 8 GB RAM and drive 256 GB of storage. A model with the same dynamic memory and processor but with an array that includes a drive 128 GB and a terabyte hard drive will cost about $ 840, and the version with the accelerated Core i7-8550U processor Of a gigabyte 256 and a terabyte hard drive will cost you about $ 1,020. Is there an opportunity to compete against Asus, And also my speech? You are invited to tell what you think about the comments.

Very similar to the Mi Notebook Pro from - Will it be as good as it does?

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