The ultrabok dies laughing: PC makers are fighting back Apple's MacBook

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The launch of the new and advanced MacBook brings a host of disparaging, humorous, and belligerent comments from its main competitors In the ultrabook market. Mac and the War Renewable?

The uncompromising competition between Microsoft's PC world and Apple's Mac has never stopped, but it seems Revealing the new, slim and lightweight MacBook Reignites a reciprocal exchange of blows-on Twitter, of course.

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The first in line was none other than the invention of the integrated ultrabook-tablet category, Lenovo, which chose to remind us that Its Yoga 3 Pro Not just a little thin From the MacBook (Although only when you refer to the thickest point of the laptop from Apple, it is worth noting), but also offers a pair of USB connections in one place, three different modes of use and a larger touch screen and higher resolution. In addition, if you want, a price tag that is as low as 100 to 200 at the price of a MacBook with a similar material specification - Lenovo's claims can be understood, although the fact that the MacBook is lighter than 250 is also understandable, The fastest USB connection is the 3.1.


The next competitor who volunteered to remind us of her existence is Asus, who noted that Its ZenBook UX305 Ultrabook Not just thinner than the MacBook is about a millimeter (again, assuming you're referring to the maximum thickness of Apple's laptop) but also carries a low starting price on 600 (!). The initial price does include volume More modest, a slightly less powerful processor, a lower resolution screen and larger dimensions, but also an upgrade to the level of accessories very similar to that of the Will bear a low price of about $ 200. Therefore, even in the above case, it is impossible to deny the point that the Taiwan manufacturer is trying to portray to consumers.


Last and nice to go against the MacBook was Dell, which chose to refer to the screen with very narrow frame of the mobile from Apple - And remind us of its new XPS 13 handsets Include an even narrower frame screen, which also includes a significantly higher resolution option. But they did not mention this in their official "response," but compared to the XPS 13 for the MacBook, it can also be noted that Dell's offer includes models (From the Broadwell-U series, M), more interconnection interfaces, a larger screen if a touch-screen option and a more varied and competitive pricing - all in dimensions and weight that are not too high.


Not all companies have chosen to try to route the MacBook buzz to their products, but if you ask us, there are a few more offers on the market that could be very interesting alternatives to the impressive ultrabok of the Coptretino giant - The HP EliteBook Folio And the new ATIV Book 9 Which offer similar hardware at a very similar weight and low initial price at 100 dollars, Acer's S7-393, the ATIV Book 9 Plus And Zenbook UX301LA's Which offer processing power and more advanced screens at similar price ranges and more.

The MacBook can still be compared to its many rivals until the arrival of a generation of new Intel processors, but the bottom line is that the MacBook is a nice and impressive device, but if it does not meet your full expectations and requirements You will find many alternatives on the market, Which may be a priority for you.

Assuming you're not MacOS addicted - you have MacBook alternatives
Assuming you're not MacOS addicted - you have MacBook alternatives