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AMD's big program: a wave of new launches within three months

The grandiose plans of Including many launches in the third quarter of the year

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2019's massive Computex exhibition is fast approaching, with the CEO's intriguing keynote speech , Which is supposed to familiarize itself with the most promising and advanced technologies of the chip developer.

We now seem to have no idea at all what to expect over the next few months - both thanks to a renewed roadmap of the company itself and a number of other juicy leaks.

The red chip developer is ready to attack on all fronts

AMD has made sure to ratify the key prophecies and past statements - with a slide declaring the third quarter of 2016 (between July and end of September) as the timeline for triple launch of both models 3000 for the stationary home market, both of the first graphics cards in the new Navi architecture and models Formidable processors with up to 64 physical cores to servers, all based on elements in the innovative manufacturing process of 7 nanometers.

A limited time window for launch that is fast approaching - and may change the power relations in the market

The Rome models for the world of servers will create great pressure on Intel, To return to a two-digit market share in the market for the first time in many years, while Matisse models for the home market promise us , Efficiency and breakthrough features - with the emphasis on first-of-its-kind use in 7 nm lithography and a unique architecture that combines it with chips On the same silicone substrate and commercial use of the arteries 4.0 faster.

The new approach of Will allow it to integrate a different number of chips and capabilities in the same familiar physical chassis

AMD strongly believes in its anticipated offering in the third Ryzen series - so much so that it decides to postpone the launch of the third-generation Threadripper processors and actually shakes it off the roadmap fully, probably because we will see up to 16 physical processing cores already in the mainstream processors Of the company, which have already been observed in the databases of several tests Across the network.

We have no assurance that 16 cores will actually reach the home market in the first wave - but the ability to do so exists, and the postponement of a generation launch New strengthens the potential for this to happen

It is very possible that the initial launch from The home market will focus on processors with only up to eight cores, as it has been in the previous two generations - but it's impossible to deny that the developer has the technological capability to do even more within the platform and the bracket, thus snatching Intel's recent technological benefits before it can bring it to market Her next big step leap.

Engineering samples of 12 processors cores also surfaced on the network

For the sake of dessert, in the field of graphics cards, we are cautiously evaluating the presentation of a new pair of models in the middle market by the end of the month, with the aim of fighting such as the GeForce RTX 2070 and the GeForce RTX 2060 - Which would be interesting news after a short period when the main camp of the Green Camp was in front of itself. However, many pieces of detail obtained are still missing or even contradictory, so it is best to treat the information with slight skepticism.

We crave brand new video cards , But still do not know exactly what we will get after a short waiting period

See more important updates coming soon!

Plus the opening event of Computex Corporation Plans a media event in the gaming arena in mid-June and ahead of an exhibition The big one - where we can get more answers we will be missing


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  1. In my opinion they will initially sell only the 3 most expensive models to maximize profit and boom, cheap models under the 12 cores will only come in two months after the launch of expensive models.
    Believe prices will be:
    Ryzen 9 -3800X-699 $ 16C
    Ryzen 9 -3800-599 $ 16C
    Ryzen 7 -3700X-499 $ 12C

    Can't believe the 8 kernel version will be available at the beginning because its price will plug all 2700X / 2700 / 1800X / 1700 inventory and everything below.

    As for the argument that it will hurt 2950X- so I don't think that as much as the small AM4 processor will cost less to produce than the TR4 monster and as the profit of a processor does not hurt, they are going to earn excellent on all 12-16 cores.

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