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Waiting for Zen: The AMD core processors are close to launch

After long years of development, the new flagship In the world of laptops is just a moment before the market land. Expect - Direct competition with Intel's heavy guns

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Mark the logs, 17 in January is likely to be the date it will launch Its next-generation ZEN processor to a completely new chassis in the home computing world. The name of the resident is And parent motherboards are now in preparation for distribution.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibit in Las Vegas in January is expected to be particularly interesting compared to previous years. Here, for the first time in five years, you will be exhibiting New ones that are expected to be a real competition for Intel on the heart of a consumer who needs real performance.


We do not know his exact name yet. Rumors speak of a very similar branding of To the new generation of processors from what we already know from Intel since the beginning of the decade. It will be divided into three main performance categories, probably SR3, SR5, and SR7. The leading chip from the SR7 family will acquire a processor with 8 cores and parallel technology for HyperThreading To create additional 8 logical cores.

amdzencpuUnlike Intel, which provides such a core processor (Core i7 6900K octagonal cores) in a dedicated and costly chassis and platform, Do this in an AM4 seat for the mainstream. Of course also Is to recommend Advanced with the right electrical capabilities for the processors, not the one you can buy for $ 50 - but the scope of options should be wider.

Remember, the processor and the entire platform are expected to bring some changes, albeit a bit later to the red team. Support for PCI-Express 3.0 generation, 3.1 USB controllers built in processors, memory support Two channels with a total volume of up to 64 gigabytes, and of course CrossFireX and SLI for integration .

As every launch of a powerful processor , Here too it is very desirable not to rely on dependent or rumor-based performance tests alone. With only two months of waiting, we wait to see how it will result The gears move again in the world of desktop processors.

According to rumors, the estimated price of the new core 8 processor is expected to be 300 dollars to bring real competition and steal customers to the blue side. If this is the case, performance will be such as 6's processors or 8's cores In some applications, this is a welcome step for more convenient and non-monopoly consumerism.

This is a reminder to our readers to be updated while we bring you live and direct reviews from the CES show in Las Vegas between the 5 and the 8 in January. Worth staying updated!

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