Western Digital Blue NVMe drives land in HWzone

Blue Digital's NVME drives are landing in Israel

updating: Now The 500GB model of the SN500 is indeed available in Amazon At a price lower than the VAT exemption threshold - the price of 80.38 dollars includes home delivery, ie NIS 290. Absolutely worth it!

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The original article: A few weeks after the initial launch, the new budget models that have become more agile are also available in our local market

A few years ago, Western Digital decided to adopt its marketing approach from the world of mechanical hard drives, - And so happened the black, blue and green series that accompany us to this day, and from time to time upgrade while maintaining a design and even very similar.

The most significant upgrade of the Of the largest American manufacturer recently came within the framework of the Blue Series, which completed its transition from a traditional SATA 2.5 format to the E-, In M 2 configuration only - with a dedicated controller developed internally and based on a artery Modest 3.0 × 2.

New generation - new

The latest Blu-ray drives, named after the SN500 model that will help differentiate them from previous ones, offer continuous transfer speeds of up to 1,700MBps, Random up to 275,000IOPS reads and up to 300,000IOPS write small 4KB files, 250GB or 500GB volumes - with 5 years warranty for 0.33 total drive volume. Recommended prices? 55 dollars for the base model and 78 dollars for the double volume - where in the country they can now be found at a starting price (needs improvement, it is worth acknowledging) of NIS 280 to NIS 250GB or NIS 375 to NIS XGB.

In the meantime, there are no volumes of terabytes or more in the series - presumably to provide the space required for the more expensive and prestigious black series

At the same time, the US store of Amazon can now find the 500GB version of the Blue Series at a price that is very close to a significant gospel - $ 78 today, with hopes of dropping to a level of $ 75 or less soon that will result in a formal VAT exemption and a final price tag All that remains is to wait patiently?

The previous generation models were available in a pair of different configurations, with Westerners are intrinsically low

Will soon look popular NVMe models also from home brand of , , Which will add a little more fire and competition? We hold our fingers.

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