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Kingston's wild side is on display

Gaming brand Improved - Will also try to bite gaming on consoles and gaming on smartphones

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Headphones, mice, keyboards - just choose. What started as a side venture of a company For slightly more sophisticated dynamic memories somewhere in 2002, in recent years the monstrous brand has become especially popular with players, and it seems that by 2020 we will get many more launches of familiar names from the past.

The highlight of the show's HyperX booth focused on sources - a set of memories 64GB total square footage Predator, with a built-in colorful LED illumination strip and, with a basic operating speed of no less than 4,800 MHz, which makes the array the fastest of its kind available in stores. The price is not yet known, but it is reasonable to guess that it will be difficult to digest for the average consumer.

The company's new wireless gaming headset answers Cloud Flight S and includes up to 30 hours of operation (!), With compatibility for PCs and consoles as well 4, 7.1 channels support and wireless charging of the common Qi standard. Launch next month - at a recommended price of $ 160.

ability Is that what the audio world needs? We are not convinced yet, but there is a chance that it will become a must feature in the leading expensive models in the near future
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HyperX's new gaming keyboard is called Alloy Origins, offers an aluminum alloy finish, internal Aqua mechanical mechanisms from the company, cable Type-C that can be detached in the product body and illuminated Extremely Bright Colored - Available in stores starting this March with a cost of $ 110.

The range of mechanical mechanisms available on gaming keyboards in the market is becoming more interesting
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A gaming mouse called Pulsefire Raid will be launching in stores this past month, with a built-in color illumination, 11 programmable buttons and a high-quality, well-known PixArt 3389 optical sensor that reaches up to 16,000DPI sensitivity at its upper end. The price is $ 60 - and with it you can purchase a HyperX Fury Ultra surface Large with built-in lighting for an additional $ 55.

A mouse that does not go wild with its exterior design - but focuses on the maximum cost-benefit ratio for aspiring players
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For dessert, you can soon also choose HyperX to improve your gaming on the go - with Chargeplay Clutch stations that you can adjust From a variety of Nintendo Switch types or consoles (in the large classic version, not the discounted Lite version). These products will provide more comfortable grips as well Built-in to make sure you can continue playing for longer periods - the smartphone version benefits from a built-in 3,000mAh battery and supports wired or wireless Qi charging while the Switch version offers Significantly more 6,000mAh capacity, as is the case for a larger screen device and larger physical dimensions in general. Have you been successful in this evolving peripheral category? Welcome to share your views.

It's the new fashion, and everyone wants a piece of it
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