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Leagal Killers Contest The winner!

Continued For the special Computex month, And after the challenging quiz, we have an equally fascinating competition for you. All you need to do is to convince the surfers by a short (and tearful) story about your most brutal lug. This is a great opportunity to win MSI's GX65 SeriesWe criticized him)!

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How do you participate?

Anyone who wants to participate in the competition has to tell us about his worst lug In this discussion.

Duration of the competition

The competition will begin today and will last until Thursday on 13 / 06 / 13 at 23: 59.
At the end of the competition, the top five stories will be chosen by the team of the site, and from Saturday night to Sunday at 23: 59 will conduct a survey among surfers to determine the winning story.

What are the rules?

1. Each participant can post only one story.

2. Each story must be longer than Hayeko, at least a poem and less than a literary work.

3. The five stories selected by the site team will continue to the final stage of voting.

after The voting stage In the forum we are pleased to announce that the best story you think is of the idanmal user.
Refresh idanmal You just got a motherboard MSI Z77A GD65 GAMING!


5 תגובות

  1. My laag
    Once I played the game and I managed to kill a whole rival
    But what she read was that Helag suddenly woke him up at that moment and I had to step away from the barrier and…. and…. (The screen gets stuck) and I find myself in the losing group

    The snow came, and the leg was gone

  2. League Of Legends
    Kartus, a nervous 5 gangink on two, fleeing, navigating, all on everyone, everyone gets stuck in the HP, I understand the lag is starting to fly on me…
    Pressing all the magic keys goes crazy from us ... 10 seconds after all flies in seconds and then I hear ... Petna Kill !! ,
    Kartus Ultimate:]

  3. Everyone who posted the story here ..
    Haven't you noticed that there is a link to a discussion that should be posted?

  4. I'm almost done ... I thought so.
    (It's not a joke but it really made me mad)
    I remember it being in the Maccabi Tel Aviv finals in Euro League.
    I played crysis 1 which was new at the time, I got to the last mission and I finally told myself I would finish this game (knowing everyone played hard level) I leave the ship's door key and become an autosave, just after the autosave sent me a missile that killed me Lots of life, I said good not bad there is guarding but unfortunately the fucking missile killed me again and again and again and again.
    I said to myself [Email protected]# *[Email protected]% *! $ And I did the task again from the beginning what fun.
    (By the way, it seems to me that Maccabi won just didn't interest me in the finals after grabbing such nerves)

  5. My Barnegade Laug
    At C&C RENEGADE, during the 56K era, I was delighted to neutralize an atomic bomb that the other group had planted, as soon as I got to it the LAG sent me fifty yards to the right, and just didn't let me get close! It should be noted that I had five seconds in which I could disable the bomb, and unfortunately we lost the round because of this maniacal lag.

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