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The Grand Conqueror: GTX 1070 reviews across the network are rising and leaving no doubt

After the GTX 1080 launched at a low price tag, its smaller and more accessible brother comes to show how there is a significant change in the ratio between the shekel and performance in the world of graphics cards: the GTX 1070

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Today, the ban on independent performance tests on the GTX 1070 graphics card was officially lifted. This video card is aimed at the area of ​​gamers who want to invest a decent amount of graphic capability but are unwilling to shed 3000 shekels and more on a piece of hardware like the GTX 1080.

The GTX 1070 is a video card that is played with a price tag of 379 dollars. This is an increase of 50 dollars compared to the launch price of the same graphics card replacement, the GTX 970. When the GTX 970 was launched, it was not widely thought that this would be the most advanced video card sold in recent years. A video card that, despite its inaccessible price, has become the most popular in the battle Worldwide according to Hardware 's survey .


Now, liberating The GTX 970 is free and features its powerful successor, the GTX 1070

Technical specifications - GTX 1070

  • Core: The GP104 process generates 16 nanometers
  • Amount United: 1,920
  • Core Function Frequency: 1,506 MHz before automatic acceleration
  • Transistors: 7.2 billion
  • Graphic memory: 8GB type Speed ​​8 GHz
  • price: Basic versions of 379 dollars, third-party versions are usually more than 10 to 50 dollars

If you need to describe the GTX 1070 in one sentence, you can call it GTX 970 on steroids. The number of processors swelled from 1,664 to 1,920 and the core frequency was accelerated away from the traditional 1 GHz line. Even God- Received a boost of energy and increased from 7 to an effective 8 GHz.

Let's talk about graphics card performance. The GTX 1070 breaks the highest price to performance ratio to date, delivering performance that surpasses the GTX Titan X by about an average of 10. The promise of Took place with regard to this.

Stronger than the GTX X? This promise promise

While it will settle easily with games with 1920X1080 resolution, the GTX 1070 domain is more 2560X1440 or 3440X1440 ultra-wide. Note the performance in Witcher 3 and V. In 2560X1440 it has no problem trampling the most expensive video cards on the market as recently as a few weeks ago, when it gets above 60FPS on average.

The GTX Titan X and GTX 980 Ti officially end their careers with this graphics card out, at least when it comes to games. The GTX 970 even in the SLI lineup manages to stay behind the new Green Devil .


The GTX 1070 power consumption is yet another breaking point in the graphics world. Many thought that during the GTX 1070 game there would be similar power consumption to his older brother. According to Guru3D, the highest power consumption observed during the game is even lower than the GTX 760.

Thus, even very small or budget systems with simple or compact power supplies can run the GTX 1070 without any problems, while enjoying the performance of up until recently 3500. No wonder we are You see things like that.

The gift is worth gold

The GTX 1000 generation is the hardest for gamers who want to upgrade, simply because they need to educate themselves to more intelligent consumerism and restraint than ever before. Launch process of It is strange, and does not do justice to consumers in this generation. The GTX 1070 in simple versions from a variety of manufacturers should cost 379 dollars at launch.

Although, Have chosen to launch their default version first under the prestigious "Founders Version" in 449 $ before seeing different versions that perform similarly at a lower price. This version contains Simple enough that it is not particularly quiet at rest and is not going to hold the graphics core at very low working temperatures.


Therefore, consumers should wait until third-party versions of companies like MSI, Gigabyte and Asus land. They will meet the lower launch price and offer significantly advanced versions that will even carry a price tag significantly lower than the $ 449 it asks for For its simple "founders' version".

MSI GTX 1070 X 8G - Great at 400 dollars

Next week, after the end of the holiday, we are expected to see the stores in Israel displaying the first GTX 1070 graphics cards, with the founders' version expected to rise first with the price tag of NISNUMX or more. Stay restrained if you want a cheap GTX 2500 and wait for the third-party versions to fill the shelves with advanced refinements and an acceptable price tag.

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