At LG, we are preparing a large laptop weighing less than a kilogram of HWzone
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At LG, we are preparing a large laptop weighing less than a kilogram

The Korean manufacturer gives us a small taste of the new products that will be presented at CES at the beginning of next year, with a variety of advanced screens Weight loss breaks records

January is another moment here, and every amateur And real gadgets knew this meant that CES, the world's largest home electronics consumer electronics retailer, was just around the corner.

Some manufacturers are beginning to build the buzz and anticipation for the big exhibition already, and one that has made this a tradition for a long time now , Which is very fond of telling about its new products in time, with very few official technical details.


It also happens this year, with the manufacturer from Korea promising to unveil several new screen models in CES 2016 - part in Ultra Wide, concave and Thunderbolt 2.0 connections, and another and even more interesting in a 'standard' wide configuration, with 4K resolutions and supported USB hubs The USB standard is 3.1 And will include Type A and Type C connections.

Interesting screens - and even more interesting mobile
Interesting screens - and even more interesting mobile

What’s even more interesting about the screens, with all due respect, is the new laptop that promises to introduce us to LG - the second generation to its new Gram family. As the name implies, the new model will offer a relatively large 15.6 inch screen, in a casing that will be slightly larger than the average 14 inch average - and with a weight of only 980 grams, which we haven't really seen on devices yet In this screen category. The new Gram will even offer U core processors (The Skylike Generation, Naturally), rather than the weaker and more cost-effective M family as you would expect in such a compact product.


Battery life is unlikely to amaze anyone, but we believe there are enough consumers whose weight and dimensions are significantly lower than charging time between charging and charging - and if Will be able to deliver what it promises without incident, it may find itself a new and high quality market share in the world -. Will be interesting.

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