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NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX Titan X Card (Updated)

The manufacturer in green is not waiting for a competitor And displays an updated and upgraded version of the most powerful card in the E- Let's see the big GM200 core in action for the first time

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Have you been so hard to impress? From the NVIDIA Maxwell 2.0 architecture Due to general performance that does not exactly surpass the best in the market? Well, the situation may change very soon with the arrival of the GTX X, the new monster that claims to take the full juice out of the latest technology and storm the desired performance bench.


In a way that is not really foreign to the world of hardware, the Titan X was officially unveiled, but not fully - NVIDIA's renowned CEO Jen-Sun Huang came up as a surprise guest At the Epic Games press conference at the GDC 2015 conference When the new card is presented as an answer to all developers (and deep-pocket gamers) that require more graphics processing power in their lives, although most of the technical details have not yet been presented and will probably be detailed in about 10 days, As part of the annual NVIDIA GTC conference in Silicon Valley.

מנכ"ל Steals the show at an Epic Games event

So what exactly is the Titan X expected to bring, then? The details known so far are that the core of the card will include an almost unprecedented number of 8 billion transistors and no less than 12GB of graphical memory. If the estimates and previous reports are believed, the rest of the specification will be equally impressive with the GM200 core (the "big core" It has not yet been seen in any product) that will include 3,072 and CUDA units, interface Of an 384 bit that will operate at an effective frequency of 7GHz and will give a bandwidth of about 336 Gbps - all under a supposedly thermal shell that is supposedly less than 250 watts.

If the early rumors prove to be more or less accurate, the Titan X can offer performance that is higher by 50 than The impressive GeForce GTX 980, And are even about ten to twenty percent higher than those of The Titan Black Of the company - especially in resolutions on which the volume of the double- X may allow it to utilize optimal capabilities.


However, assuming nothing unexpected happens, the Titan X will in just over a week become the most powerful single-core graphics card on the market - at least until That AMD will finally decide to unveil their pirate islands.


Close documentation reveals an 6 pin connection and an 8 pin connection that, together with the PCI-Express connection, can provide up to 300 watts to be sufficient for the Titan X in any mode and use - Which demonstrate that there will be an ability to create an array with up to four (!) Cards of this type

Are excited and waiting breathlessly, or are they satisfied with the more sane cards in the category that are available for purchase these days? You are invited to tell us what you think about the reactions.

The Kite video, which presents a game world built with the Unreal Engine 4 and Thunderbird with the " X

updating: The following are the technical characteristics and estimated performance of the GTX X.


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