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There's a future: Ryzen mobile processors will reach us in the winter

Quad-Core As well as graphic units in architecture - Competition in the mobile market should also become much hotter in 2017

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We have a fairly good selection of octagonal octagonal processors, hexagons and squares, but every few days we get more bits of information that remind us that, There are plans for more new models for the second half of the year - and that includes the first mobile market processors in the new era, which will also be the first to come with branded graphical cores.

According to the roadmap revealed by Sunnyvale, the first APU models for the mobile market will arrive this year, over the last quarter - with up to four physical Zen cores and 8 logical cores, and with a new built-in Vega based architecture, allegedly with up to 11 processing clusters that are 704 Processing units, with performance potential that can be similar to that of a card RX 460, at least on paper.

S programs For the rest of the year - loads of new models, but a bit of a guess that you don't see APU models on the stationary market

These new processors, which we previously knew under the Raven Ridge code name, will also belong to the Ryzen family and are primarily designed for both portable, hybrid and ultra-thin premium models - when we expect thermal envelopes of between 10 watts and 35 watts for them, according to reports Other early ones that are similar and even lower than the ones it offers For the Her mobile phones. We certainly won't resist finding models with a significantly larger thermal casing, which will give the built-in core more "breathing space" and the potential to shine.

B- Also stated that all five largest manufacturers in the PC market, that is , HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer, product keys New processors that will be based on Intel processors, Right now - and these are great news for the competition in the field, after many years in which the interest and presence of most of these representatives in the company's products aspired to absolute zero. Let's hope this time the connections and collaborations hold up properly.

A promise to leap Giant in the mobile market compared to the era of the processors - - At least like the one we saw in the desktop models earlier this year

We still do not know how much these mobile models will cost, but considering all the prices we've seen from And from Ryzen until now we believe that here too it will be possible to find proposals that are particularly competitive, as they have not been seen for some time. And what about APU processors with Graphical for the fixed market? It seems that we will have to wait until next year, but this is probably a logical and very logical compromise on the part of the company, since the desktop market is already enjoying a good supply, while the stationary market remains orphaned for the time being.

Industry support is of critical importance in this case, and can be the catalyst for price cuts that are clearly felt in the category

B- By the end of the year, they will not be satisfied with mobile processors, and will launch unique processors for the business and enterprise market with security capabilities, management and sterilization capabilities that are not available on standard models. These models will receive the name Ryzen Pro, and will compete with them on the many vPro models - Once again with a statement and promise for more At the same price level.

- Soon on your office computer

So are we on the way to a time when in every field and category we will have a real and qualitative choice between a pair of manufacturers? It certainly looks like this, and we hope that the coming months will prove it.

It will be very interesting to find out how fast you will be able to Flooding the market in the generation of processors Which, according to all reports, will significantly increase the number of processing cores we are used to receiving


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  1. The slowness of launch will be on their minds: Intel can release many versions and refinance by the end of the year. Prepare them an ambush…

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