There is another confirmation: Four Broadwell-E processors will come in June • HWzone

There is another confirmation: Four advanced Broadwell-E processors will arrive in June

A recent report confirms some of our estimates of the next generation of Intel processors

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Dreaming of upgrading yourself to the world beyond the four-core processing? You should start collecting cash - by all accounts it seems The Broadwell-E generation Of the chip giant, with the first ten-core processor ever modeled on the E-, Will be officially displayed at the 2016 Computex exhibition, in about six months from today.

According to reports reaching us from the Chinese site Benchlife, which is rapidly gaining reputation as a reliable primary information provider in the world of hardware, And the first one produced in There will be four models (instead of the three models we received in previous generations), two of which will be hexadecimal, one will be octagonal cores and the top bidder will contain no less than 10 general processing cores and 20 processing clusters thanks to the support of HyperThreading virtualization technology.


An important step that will streamline the culture of processing cores in all categories?

All new models will offer open frequency multipliers for faster and more efficient transmission. They will offer a thermal envelope of 140W (as in the Haswell-E generation), will not include built-in graphics cores, will offer a controller with four memory channels and support the standard Speeds of 2,133MT / s and above, and will also be based on the LGA2011 chassis, ostensibly with backward support in the boards of the X99 chip set.

The first dip into the world that includes a double-digit number of processing cores is probably a decidedly positive step, which could bring us closer to the day when hexagonal processors (and perhaps even octopus cores) seem to land in the families of Intel's mainstream products as well - and that's something that's being asked in an era where even game consoles And the chips Smartphones and tablets have eight cores, which can spur progress in the development and adaptation of large multi-core applications.


We have only one significant question mark left for the future Extreme Generation - and it concerns the price. Is the model The 10-core i7-6950X will be the new 999 processor, i7-6800K The hexagon cores will provide a new and more popular price tag for the Extreme product family, or will the top model be offered for an even higher price tag than we used to see in previous generations of Intel? We'll probably get the answers at 1 in June.


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  1. Don't buy anything until zen left fed up with the crap of intel and nvidia Why pay 1000 bucks on a processor where 1000 bucks can you buy a computer based amd ?! I'm not one of the sheep.

  2. I may be a sheep but a nervous one!
    What closes with the prices of 6700K processors?
    Unavailability, among other things, caused prices to rise to NIS 2200!
    I bought the 3770K for NIS 1600.
    Add another NIS 600 to a processor that hardly gives me extra performance?
    Would rather give up buying this year and probably next year too.

  3. Just a little note; When you say "virtualization technology", it usually means VT-x and not HT.
    There is no connection between virtualization, in its professional context, and HT.

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