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Company Starts selling the new product in its Aorus family - Drive With colored illumination in its heat sink

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We have become accustomed to seeing advanced M.2 drives that include a cooling system designed to reduce the chance of overheating and loss of performance. Only the controller's need to reduce work is working, and we have also encountered several drives In their "classic" 2.5 inch illumination Built to make the interior of the case even more colorful and joyful.

Now, these two fields are coming together, probably for the first time, on the new NVN's sophisticated Aus. The Gigabyte model does not carry any unique name and is simply called Aorus RGB M.2 NVMe SSD - But inside you'll find the controller was Phison's popular E12 and Toshiba 3D TLC chips, for 256GB or 512GB general volumes and with Of up to 3,480MBps in continuous write to 440,000IOPS when working with small random files (for the 512GB model, where the basic model includes Are reduced because it does not take advantage of all existing channels on the given controller).

Compact - but prominent in the field

Drives enjoy a five-year warranty with approximately 0.8 writing volume from the entire drive volume daily for the same period, a relatively impressive figure that matches the substantial price tag - and the key bonus comes in body shape Aus, with a colored RGB illumination that operates autonomously or is controllable through the application of RGB Fusion 2.0 , Motherboards are supported by the Taiwanese manufacturer only.

There are quite a few drives based E12 that are cheaper than what - but most do not offer the increased scope of writing covered under warranty time

The Aorus RGB SSD joins another company's storage drive that includes a color illumination, with a significantly larger PCI-Express configuration (AIC - Add-In Card), and the recommended prices are not really clipping to the Israeli consumer right now - The 512GB model holds the price of 120 (Excluding VAT) which is similar to many other leading NVMe drives without lights, whereas The 256GB is available for $ 80 Which make it significantly more expensive than many others. A slight drop below the 75 dollar threshold will certainly make the job and turn the model into an interesting contender in the top corner of the field.

Do you have substantial financial resources to invest in upgrading? You can also choose the enlarged model soon

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  1. Only the lighting will not heat up ...

    Search for LINUS TECH TIPS on Youtube A video on an SSD (2.5-inch) disc with such lighting that would reach 70 degrees after a few minutes of lighting operation ...

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