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No need to wait for exposure: The technical details on Xiaomi's laptop are already here

Leaked slides purport to tell us everything important to know about the Chinese manufacturer's biggest surprise

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27's launch event in July Not giving us rest - this time with a significant update In the first laptop segment of the company, On which we have been hearing all sorts of reports for a long time and which may be the crowning glory of the approaching event.

According to a set of photos that came up To locate gizmochinaSupposedly from the official launch presentation, the Mi Notebook will be offered at least with two specifications - which will be very different from each other, but very affordable in any situation.


Both gaming and office or home work, in one product?

The base model will provide users with a new Core i5-6200U dual core processor from the latest Skylake, RAM type ¤ 8GB In the volume of 256GB, all of these (plus system 10, we assume) at an official price of 4,000 yuan - about 600 dollars, which is a pretty lucrative deal.


The much more advanced Pro model of the laptop will provide a quad core Core i7-6700HQ processor, Volume 16GB, drive 512GB - and also a dedicated GeForce GTX 970M video card, which may be replaced in the not too distant future, but is still a gaming model with Deserve. This whole package will cost 6,700 Yuan, about $ 1,000, which is an excellent deal with hardware.


Both models will be offered with an 15.6-inch resolution unknown at present (we're betting on a standard 1080p) and a six-cell capacity battery that has not yet been revealed - and a metallic design that will draw inspiration from the MacBook Pro line of , To believe the previous reports on the subject.


There are many questions we still have on the subject (whether it is intended to allow the availability of devices outside the borders of China, for example), and we certainly hope that this coming Wednesday we will receive all the answers and details.


Alongside the slides from the presentation were also provided some original - though these are clearly של Zenbook from Whose logo is erased, and they lead us to recommend that the entire story be treated with skepticism


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  1. Total Laptop… .What can be renewed already? INTEL processor, 10 windows, SSD and all the other package ... What's exciting about it? More mobile!

      1. Obviously, they all have 16GB of memory, an 4 processor and an 6700HQ core and a Gaming GTX 970M card on their mobile devices. More standard than it can no longer be

    1. A live piece in the movie
      Specifications like this come up at Amazon $ NUMX
      Offer such a product at half price and more with this full metallic design pucking deity
      If it arrives in Israel, you can throw in a bin close to 1500 for models that cost between 4 thousand and 9 thousand and do not provide competition even to this specification

    2. This is not the attractive news about science. This is the attractive price in terms of hardware. Of course, there is a range in these prices today, but not at the same level of hardware.

  2. The mountain gave birth to a mouse ! (And not in the sense of an input device).
    And who cares who pimped it …….

  3. $ 600 looks great!
    Surely in the country it will cost him the 5000 area that sucks. If the laptop is really cheap in Israel around the 3000 I will buy it for myself lol

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