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Fighting Amazon: Great Deals at the Newegg Store

The big online hardware store isn't ready to sit aside while its rival celebrates - and offers Big ones of her own

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Amazon's extensive Prime Day promotions, which returned for the fourth time in a row, have also brought many other digital retailers to comment and offer their own discount initiatives, either as an official response or not. One of those stores is Newegg Famous in its international version that also offers direct and official delivery to the Holy Land - so we've put together some more cool suggestions for you to check on your own.

Processor Ryzen 5 2600X hexagon cores of AMD, together with The Wraith Spire, sold for NIS 768.74 including VAT and home delivery - a very interesting liquidation price that is cheap at NIS XNUM from the prices you find in local stores.

updating: This operation comes from Amazon, but we could not help but include it in this list alongside the Newegg counter offer: The Ryzen 5 2600 model of the red chip developer, together with a custom cooling system, has dropped to an unprecedentedly low level.

Rosewill's full-size mechanical keyboard is available at a low price from the VAT exemption threshold, NIS 381.38 including shipping with mechanisms Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown או Cherry MX Blue Of your choice.

Mechanical keyboard in a minimalist and competitive design

Radeon RX 590 Video Card with 8GB of Sapphire Memory GDDR5 If you missed the deal that was offered yesterday at the American store .

4GB DDR16, including 2,400MHz and CL16 from GeIL Featured on ILS 256.95.

HP's elaborate and wonderful HP EX950 drive is finally below the VAT exemption threshold - Model 512GB 274.81 will cost you NIS only, including shipping to your home.

One of the Market leaders are getting an important and welcome price cut

A terabyte model of the EX 950 drive Will cost you 619.37 shekels while The top-level 2 NIS 1,131.87 - Prices Great in their own right.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Cordless Gaming Mouse, In a black shade and with a colored illumination built into the lower part, is sold in NIS 239.74.

An advanced gaming mouse and a nice looking one

Great RXjUMX G-Series RXjUMX DDR4 memories including (16GB per module), 8MHz base speed and CL3,200 timings No VAT required - NIS 324.16 price includes home delivery.

We're moving from one of the biggest names in the business

A pair of memories of the G.Skill Aegis series of 32GB including, with a base speed of 3,000MHz and appropriate CL16 timings All-inclusive-all-inclusive 549.09.

Very colorful deal for Geil's DDR4 memories with built-in RGB illumination - a pair of 16GB total modules with 3,000MHz speed and CL16 timings are available at NIS 282.56 price, too The color is black and also White in color Of your choice.

The popular Vengeance RGB Pro series of Corsair with 4GB volume includes2,666MHz speed, CL16 timings and of course colored LED bulbs inside a fine strip at the top of the heat sink - at a final price of NIS 602.17.

The familiar design and branding - now a little cheaper

DDR4 memory in the SO-DIMM configuration for G.Skill Ripjaws and small desktop PCs: A single 16GB module at 2,666MHz speed with CL19 timings Available for NIS 273.51 - whereas A pair of such modules in a general volume of 32GB Will be yours at 515.79.

G.Skill DDR4 pair in gray or black, general 16GB, with 3,000MHz speed and high-quality CL15 timings - Will be yours for NIS 321.05 including shipping.

Find more quality offers? Tell us and all the other surfers in the comments!


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