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This 14 nm is here: all you need to know about the new generation ultrabooks

The market is starting to fill up with laptops based on the new Core M processors - And we arrange for you the unique capabilities and characteristics of each and every one of them

Slowly and relatively quietly, more and more instruments are being added to the market Intel's new Broadwell chip familyAnd promote the (and perhaps even revolutionary) 14 NMR, centering on the notion that x86-based computers no longer have to be physically different from ARM-chip-based computers - remarkably long battery life, silent passive cooling, and tiny dimensions are now-turned-concepts (or at least) Purporting to become part of the ultraviolet lexicon, and this trend will continue to grow. Has been in the not-too-distant future with the launch of two second generation 14 processors.

So if you plan to purchase yourself In the near future and even if not - we're here to tell and explain what the major players in the market have to offer.

Panasonic Let's Note RZ4 - the smallest there is

Panasonic's device will probably not be seen in stores in the country and in general you will have difficulty obtaining outside Japan's borders, but it is worth mentioning here due to the nearly impossible weight of 750 grams. True, this is a 10.1-inch screen only (1920 × 1200 pixel resolution IPS panel) - but when was the last time you saw any mobile with a processor Does 200 weigh more than a tablet? Exactly, never.

rz41 rz4

The RZ4 Offers data that is not bad at all with its size with a dual core M-5Y10 chip, 4GB RAM, drive Of 128GB and a axis that rotates 360 degrees up to "tablet" mode, in the form of yoga devices of . The main drawback of the device, except for a rather awful aesthetic, is the start-up price tag of 1,500 dollars. In Japanese it seems to sound better.

Like the netbooks of the last decade - only half the weight and priced at 5

Asus Transformer Book T300FA - Popular

Asus continues its tradition, along with high-end devices from the Zenbook family, it also offers discounted and affordable (more or less, all relative) devices under the Transformer Book branding. The current offering is a hybrid mobile (also known as 2in1 due to its ability to function as a tablet and anything standard) with the cheapest Broadwell family M-5Y10 chip that features a pair of 2.1GHz maximum frequency processing cores and a built-in graphical sample 5300, 12.5 inch screen based on modest 1366 × 768 pixel resolution, 4GB RAM, system 8.1 and 30 watts-hours.


The tablet component itself is light and fairly thin with a weight of just over 800 grams and about ten millimeters thick, but the keyboard component with its mechanical hard drive doubles the total weight, adds 14 millimeters in thickness and makes the device much less "UltraBuck"

Asus chose an unusual array of storage space The T300FA, With eMMC with 64GB on the central tablet and a 1TB hard drive located on the keyboard / docking station. The result is flash memory storage (relatively fast) for the operating system and software, and a slow hard drive for media files and the like. Mobile based on Passive, but because of the reliance on It is not completely silent, unfortunately.

According to network registrars, the Transformer Book T300FA suffers from drawbacks such as minus medium battery life and considerable warming when used for a long time, but enjoys only a starting price of only 600 dollars that make it the cheapest Core M device on the market and theoretically competing directly with iPad Air 2 - An interesting place where we haven't really seen any based devices Family of Previously.


Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro - Like a Swiss watch, sort of

The first Core M device to come to the stores And that created the most significant buzz Was the third version of the laptop from Lenovo which Created with his own hands The trend of mobile convertibles that can become a kind By turning the keyboard in 360 degrees).


A new generation, a new approach: this time Trying to capture the premium mobile market

The third generation of the successful device emphasizes upgraded and unique build quality whose highlight is a lighter and thinner axis made of hundreds of pieces similar to a quality watch strap. Another highlight is a super-quality 13.3-inch IPS screen and 3200 × 1800 pixel resolution, along with a dual-core Core M-5Y70 chip and an 2.6GHz maximum frequency and HD Graphics 5300 based RAM, built-in graphics RAM, 8 RAM 2GB or 256GB M.512, 44.8-watt-hour battery, system 8.1, a corporate audio system And more.

on the paper The Yoga 3 Pro Looks like a very impressive otterbock, but a high starting price of 1,300 dollars plus moderate reviews that talked about my life Disappointing, Not idealism and incomplete human engineering at a number of points make it a good example of the whole thing of the potter and what the famous proverb is about.


HP Envy X2 15 - Big Brother

The largest Core M device we have seen so far comes from HP, which continues to try and develop its luxury home-based Envy brand. The updated hybrid mobile model offers an 15.6-inch IPS screen and 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution and some processor selection (Core M-5Y10 or Core M-5Y70 plus a small price of 150 4 and NXXNXX) ). Significant disadvantage of the device comes in volume with a hybrid hard drive of 8GB and 500RPM speed plus 5400GB flash memory based cache - with no volume or drive upgrade option "True".


The Envy X2 15 Comes with a slightly strange docking station with a large touchpad on the right (where you would expect to find the Numpad) and a rear stand that can be adjusted to a variety of angles - just like Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Four speakers with Beats audio upgrades and a generous 50 watt-hour battery complete the picture and give life device But also the weight and thickness of a non-overexposive 2.45 kilogram and 25 millimeters (or 1.8 kilograms and 15 millimeters when it comes to a tablet).

The Envy X2 15 includes some puzzling decisions on the part of Which spoils the final result, but with a starting price tag of $ 900 (now $ 750), it is still an interesting proposition for those who are looking for a quiet, large-screen device and a variety of usage configurations.

If the Envy X2 15 works for you, but not perfectly, HP also has a small brother called Envy X2 13 Which carries a starting price tag of 950 dollars (now 800 dollars in operation) and offers drives (For a change), 1366 × 768 resolution IPS screen if upgraded to 1080p resolution and reduced battery capacity at 33 watt-hour capacity. Envy X2 13 enjoys absolute quiet work and improved performance thanks to the use of drives , But maintains a healthy weight of 1.8 pounds (or 1.25 pounds for your tablet only).


Asus Zenbook UX305 - For those who are not interested in gimmicks

The second Asus device on the list is the one and only one that belongs to the old school (roughly), no hinges that do full rotation, no docking stations, etc. The UX305 Offers a slim aluminum body in design and color that has become the hallmark of the Zenbook family, as well as an 13.3-inch screen with 1920 × 1080 or QHD + QHD + resolution of 3200 × 1800 pixels, Core M-5Y10 chipset, 4 8 memory , Based storage volume The M.2 interface and the 45-watts-hour battery, which should last ten hours.

The UX305 is one of the few devices on the market that gives you a choice between a touch screen (with a glossy finish) and a standard screen (with matte finish)
The UX305 is one of the few devices on the market that gives you a choice between a touch screen (with a glossy finish) and a standard screen (with matte finish)

The Zenbook UX305 offers dimensions very similar to those of the Yoga 3 Pro, weighing approximately 1.2 pounds and only 12.3 millimeters thick. Here also comes the line of Asus's crush - while the basic model of the Ultrebook is from home Ascending 1,300 USD, the UX305 will be offered a cost of starting from 800 USD. The specification will naturally not be as advanced as that of , But it is nice to have the option to receive a product in a very similar envelope for less 500 (!). At the same time, In the same standard as the Yoga 3 Pro for an additional fee.

Acer Aspire Switch 12 - Strange Chicken

Acer has already proved it to us On several occasions That it has what it takes to create Unique and interesting computers. The end result was not always good, but at least there was a vision. All this is hard to say about the device The first M of the Taiwanese company.

The 12 switch Is trying to do something unique with a design that gives 5 different modes of use (such as a hybrid mobile with an axis that moves in 360 degrees, but with another option to divide the keyboard component in half with one part being used as a class and the other being a wireless keyboard to use as a tiny desktop) Doing so with relatively weak specs that includes M-5Y10, MEMORY In the 4GB volume, 60GB or 120GB, probably based on eMMC chips, and especially plastic design that did not really broadcast quality to early adopters.


The most powerful feature in the platform of The 12 switch Is without a doubt its 12.5-inch screen, with a zero-Gap 1080p IPS panel to create a minimal distance between it and its cover, which is a cover Durable of Corning.

Acer has not yet disclosed how much their device will cost, but we very much hope it will be at least as low as the Transformer Book T300FA of , Which will allow the Aspire Switch 12 to be competitive despite the relative drawbacks.


Deserve mention

Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi - The luxury version of the T300FA with a WQHD screen, a thin metallic body and a (probably) luxury price tag.

Toshiba Portege Z20t - Ultrabook-turns-hybrid tablet with 12.5-inch IPS screen and FullHD resolution and with Both on the tablet and in the dock-keyboard component that are supposed to give it life Impressive up to 16 hours.

Dell Latitude 13 7000 - Business Ultra Hybrid with 13.3-inch Full HD resolution IPS panel, On the device and keyboard and a business price tag (that is, expensive) that starts with 1,200 dollars.

Asus Transformer Book V - A puzzling concept of Asus that includes an Android-based smartphone and a compatible opaque chip of , Which can be inserted into a tablet in which an additional material array is based on a running Core M chip - When the end result is an integrated smartphone ultra-hybrid that can be both Android and PC . The general mood in the market indicates that very few consumers will want an Android-based laptop when they have the ability to get one with a system But maybe You'll be able to convince us that this is exactly what we always wanted, and we did not even know about it.

HP EliteBook Folio 1020 - Compatible with the Air bottle of Including a rugged aluminum body and featherweight, and will fight the hearts of businessmen (those who are willing to consider choosing Windows over MacOS, anyway) against Dell and Toshiba offerings.

In summary - sometimes good things come slowly

There is no dispute that the New York- The first M have revolutionary features in the category - most offer a number of different and effective modes of use (as a laptop, as a tablet, as a tablet with a status), most will not even tweet, most offer dimensions that were considered imaginary for a laptop until recently and some even vary . However, if you do not feel an uncontrollable urge to buy yourself a device New and sparkling at the moment - you might have to wait a while longer.

Some reviews of the first 14 PCs mentioned surprisingly poor battery life, warming, and especially aggressive frequency-lowering mechanisms that resulted in even lower performance - this may be only a local problem (some critics have been very impressed with the new generation's first representatives, Know That Intel is preparing new Corem 4 models for the beginning of next year Which supposedly provide More consistent and also cater to a wider range of price categories.

Even if it is a "panic" with no real basis, waiting a few more months to get some more opinions and answers to the question marks floating around in the air will help most consumers make a more wise decision and purchase.

Who is the Mobile- M that impressed you so far? Are you planning to join the 14 nanometer era? You are welcome to tell us in comments!

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  2. These processors are meant to replace mobile processors today? Which market segment? Mobile / Ultrabooks / Netbooks?

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