This month in HWzone: Month of OCTober • HWzone

This month in HWzone: Month of OCTober

There's nothing like the winter season for a little OverClocking - the members know this forum And our cooling. The temperatures drop, you can raise some voltage and the OC peaks break like nothing.
At we decided to open a new tradition - the month of OCTober - a month of the year devoted to overclocking in Hebrew and overclocking in Israel in particular.

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Over the next few weeks, we will come up with a series of articles, reviews, news and guides, all of which will deal with the issue of haste.
Throughout the year we write about products And this month we decided to gather information that will appeal to everyone - from the beginners who have not yet been exposed to the subject and want to learn and know, and to the most professional people who have already presented and want to continue presenting their personal records.

Subject Is a hot topic in the computer world, and hardware companies have been investing a great deal of effort in the past few years.
Even professional users do not underestimate the speed of their components - knowing that sometimes you can buy cheaply and earn quite a bit without spending.

On our site, the Oberclukers community is one of the largest communities, and in Israel we have often seen people crazy about it Breaking World Records.
So come and join the party - read and study this interesting area and find out what the real potential of the engine is under your lid.

For the first story in the series - OverClocking - What, Why and How?
Offline for overclocking and cooling
To the Israeli OverClock DataBase database

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  1. It's always fun to see this site blossom
    It's always fun to see this site flourish more and more
    Go forth and succeed
    I am happy to be part of the community

  2. I know what's going on here
    You want all the Nubians to do an overclock and burn their computer and so they can't bother us anymore.
    Great thinking, can't wait for them to stop bothering us…

  3. Next month should be Noobember
    A month of computer help for novies among us.

    And a beautiful idea!

  4. I added my project, waiting for approval
    I must note that it took me quite a while to find the link to add a project!

  5. Great :)
    Exactly winter is coming and I was planning to put the system into regular work mode at OC.

  6. a question..
    The guide will also include ways to reasonable + overclocking
    For old processors too?

    Lodgma I own an old computer, 423 ..
    [Intel knock]
    A little clearing on my part, like I'm looking for a personal guide ..

    But I have a feeling I'm not missing that


  7. We've updated the OCDB
    We've been updating the rush, I'm putting in a project and taking months to get it approved.
    And even when it's not happy there's no way to know it, there's no telling what's wrong. And it's a shame.
    Because I have a project in progress (the D930 rush from 3.0 to 4.35, and I'm almost into Intel's Big Ten. And I've already tried to put my project in ten times, and nothing.
    Maybe in honor of the Uber Clock month things will move.
    Good luck anyway.

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