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HWzone's 2017 year-round

Introduction and Laborers of the Year

This busy year is coming to an end, and it's time to introduce you to the most successful products we've ever encountered in the world of hardware and computers

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There is no doubt that the year 2017 was one of the most interesting in the current decade in all computers and hardware. This year there were a number of key events (no, bulbs In each component are not one of them) in the field of hardware and computer equipment. In the best tradition we decided to devote some time and praise the products that made this year. Some were chosen as a result of their success, and some were simply in their technological importance.

The selected products will not always be launched this year, but they have a serious impact on the market in the past year. In this article we decided not to cover every possible equipment category simply because there are those who do not deserve special mention or whose impact on the market on the year is not particularly significant.

The list opens how not, in the field of processors. These are the selected HWzone processors for 2017:

Great value for money - 5 1600

One of the most important events in the hardware market this year is the awaited hit of the Ryzen processors from home . After four whole years (!) Of preparation and a lot of promises, a new series of Which decided to put an end to the reality of With only two cores sold to consumers on 500 or more.

Ryzen's series She brings With 4, 6 and 8 cores at particularly competitive desktop prices, and performance that certainly makes Intel wake up from their long victory.

Among these processors is the one that surprised us and deserves the best mention is the - 5 1600. Only a year ago, the lowest available six-core desktop processor available was at least NIS 1800 (Core i7 6800K). Now, the reality is that you can get this at half the price. 5 1600 has six cores there as standard six-core processors on the map. It comes with gaming performance quite similar to what you'll find in the eight-core processors (game developers have been accustomed to only four of them so far).

The Ryzen family recently received the Download the price and now you can find the Ryzen 5 1600 in the US 200 instead of the 220 in which the processor was launched.The new six-core 200 processor sounds like a dream in 2016, Even on cheap motherboards based on the B350 chipset.

We are eagerly waiting to see what Ryzen's renovated generation will see this spring, which will be available to the motherboards in the new AM4 chassis. Has set itself the goal of continuing to develop the family in both 2018 and 2019, as well as enabling the installation of these processors on existing motherboard. Well done.

The king of gamers i7 8700K

Here is the response to our product from AMD this year. Core i7 8700K Is the wet dream of any gamer who wants a little more than his machine. Up until the beginning of the year i7 7700K Quad Core is considered the ultimate processor for gaming, just was not one stronger.

Intel has now decided to respond to its multi-core cores To launch its new missile. i7 8700K takes the previous generation and expands horizontally its capabilities by about 50, from four to six cores. As a result, even the little games that have made use of most processing units are getting further acceleration. The innocent frequency in it i7 8700K is famous, 3.7 GHz is completely gone when the processor is used.

With a particularly aggressive turbo, the six-headed monster skips to 4.3 GHz even with all its cores in an effort. Those with the appropriate motherboards and massive bundles can take this piece of hardware all the way to 5 GHz (!).

One of the effects of the launch of this processor is the skipping of many users on the Extreme Socket herself. i7 7800X The hexagon core launched just this summer has made itself a history. God- i7 8700K is also one of the highest supported memory frequencies. The launch of the new processors has led to a hunger for memory manufacturers and recently we have seen amazing frequencies far beyond the 4000 MHz that run easily on systems news. This is definitely a candy for the ambitious.

This dangerous processor even manages to insert the cores To problematic situations when he presents lead them in quite a few situations and software. It is definitely worth choosing this year for pure processing performance both in the field of gaming and general processing.

Of course, it is impossible not to mention a few more stars in the processor industry this year 7 1700, which has become the cheapest eight-core processor at a price tag of just $ 300, allowing content people to get faster processing times than ever before.

In addition, Core i5 8400 is also worth mentioning. This is a brilliant processor with six processing cores that reach a high frequency at a price tag of only $ 190. This is his direct competitor is the Ryzen 5 1600, Simply because of the wider availability in the world and a significantly lower price of supporting motherboards and sometimes of the processor itself in overseas countries. As of this writing, only Z370 chip-based boards are available on the platform The new.


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  1. Funny that only a few hours ago I saw specs here on the site, the 8700k costs ~ 1750 shekels. What did we get, 50 weighed off 6800k?

  2. Why did not they make a laptop category (and prefer to ignore Apple)? Even so, fixed-line computers have already fallen in market share

  3. Why is there no reward for this year's video card? And who is this cougar? Sounds like half an advertisement ..

  4. You're right, cougar They paid us $ 500,000 so we had to put them in. What, would you do otherwise? It is difficult to refuse such an amount.

    How did you find out?

  5. I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

  6. Quote of djelectric

    I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

    A short visit to the gaming stores in the country with the question "Who's Cougar" will bring up a lot of interesting answers. Feel free to try

    I will definitely look. I visit 20 once a day, I have not heard of them here. Perhaps on a glass case that looked like an elephant and was quite famous for a certain period

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw the supplier you recommended on Antec is with bronze efficiency and found it less than 310 weighed how it is better than others in its category

  8. Quote of VAnD4L

    Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen that you have recommended Antec It is with bronze efficiency and I have found it less than 310 considering how better it is than others in its category

    A. It costs a little less than 310:


    B. There are many more parameters to measure power supply besides efficiency. In fact, efficiency is the least important in my personal opinion, and more a marketing trick.

    I very much agree with this supplier, a great supplier at a price he does not currently have.

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