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HWzone's 2017 year-round

Selected for the year in storage and memory

The storage world also enjoys major changes and innovations in 2017. This year will be remembered as one where drives Have become relatively cheap and accessible, which can be installed on home computer systems. protocol Enables access speeds and transfer speeds which so far have simply not been possible through the SATA interface.

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The fashionable thing to do is to assign PCI-Express bandwidth directly from the processor and use it for a medium Such. In the not-too-distant past, continuous file transfer speeds of up to 3500 megabytes per second were something that only the server world enjoyed.

The most prestigious in storage - 960 series NVMe

Samsung is not resting for a moment. Who is known to control a particularly large share of the world - Has set itself the goal of advancing this year as the holder of the stake in question. So far, the world's most popular SATA drives include 850 series drives EVO and Pro models. These drives display Uncompromising and come with extended warranty.

In fact, 850's series Has dominated the market since it was published about three years ago. Today we are also aware of their high reliability due to extremely low fault rates and unprecedented durability for writing and reading cycles.

The NVME protocol and the modern M.2 interface is devouring This year with the 960 series that has already become the hypothetical choice of ambitious and heavy users in the computer world. Everyone wants the 960 drives that also make appearances in alternative versions on the largest manufacturers' computers in the world Vedel.

With five years of warranty on them, and a great read-write performance, 960's series Easily picking up our year's prize.

2017 Innovation Award in Storage World - SSD

This technology is being cooked For several years now and now at the end of the year we see the fruits of waiting. We want to move beyond the Traditional storage chips to its Xpoint phase.

This new production process allows Extremely high volumes, Along with access times we have not seen in the storage world. This means that every action, from simple to intensive, will take place at a particularly fast speed that also multiplies (and exceeds) what we have become accustomed to, even from drives like the 960 series of .

It all started with the Optane Cache drives Which contain only 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage and are used to capture important cache instead of local volumes to significantly improve speeds. Cards These small ones represent a significant and real acceleration of mechanical drives, thus bridging and closing the most significant bottleneck in modern computer systems. Suddenly the computer feels light-weight and behaves as if it were an exclusive, productive worker fast. We did not believe it until we tried it, it really works.

Now, Optane advances an additional step to drives on the M.2, PCI-Express and SATA interfaces. Optan 900P series of Is footing in the desktop market. These are drives based on it Speed-of-access approach that is suitable for those looking to perform a number of read-write operations per second that the market has yet to see. Review coming soon.

Our Year's Memory - TridentZ RGB

Ok, let 's talk about the trend.. Even without Christmas, personal computers all over the world look like fir trees now decorated. light bulbs Just found on any advanced component that we installed as part of a trend that began last year. Some manufacturers have managed to hit the edge of good taste while many of them have simply overstepped the designs.

The G.Skill I believe there is no need to present, it is one of the most ambitious memory manufacturers. We decided to give the award to a manufacturer that we think implements the RGB implementation in the most elegant and aesthetic way today. A video worth more than a thousand .

The square milky cover along with the shape of the memories gives an extraordinary look to these memories and they simply blend nicely into any system you put them. This is done without compromising technical data. Today there are also RGB of At speeds of 4000 MHz or more. This year the company Just conquered the market with these memories.

These memories did everything that advanced memories have done to date including abilities Impressive and proper cooling, simple plus excellent performance of . The price? Highly accessible. The monetary addition to this version is usually a few dollars above the simple, light-free versions.


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  1. Funny that only a few hours ago I saw specs here on the site, the 8700k costs ~ 1750 shekels. What did we get, 50 weighed off 6800k?

  2. Why did not they make a laptop category (and prefer to ignore Apple)? Even so, fixed-line computers have already fallen in market share

  3. Why is there no reward for this year's video card? And who is this cougar? Sounds like half an advertisement ..

  4. You're right, cougar They paid us $ 500,000 so we had to put them in. What, would you do otherwise? It is difficult to refuse such an amount.

    How did you find out?

  5. I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

  6. Quote of djelectric

    I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

    A short visit to the gaming stores in the country with the question "Who's Cougar" will bring up a lot of interesting answers. Feel free to try

    I will definitely look. I visit 20 once a day, I have not heard of them here. Perhaps on a glass case that looked like an elephant and was quite famous for a certain period

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw the supplier you recommended on Antec is with bronze efficiency and found it less than 310 weighed how it is better than others in its category

  8. Quote of VAnD4L

    Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen that you have recommended Antec It is with bronze efficiency and I have found it less than 310 considering how better it is than others in its category

    A. It costs a little less than 310:


    B. There are many more parameters to measure power supply besides efficiency. In fact, efficiency is the least important in my personal opinion, and more a marketing trick.

    I very much agree with this supplier, a great supplier at a price he does not currently have.

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