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HWzone's 2017 year-round

Selected for the year in the field of packaging and power supplies

This past year will be remembered by many as a particularly black year in the chassis market, which unfortunately has become a heavy addiction to the "beauty over functionality" trend. This year is a year of fan-blocking by glass-made panels, pushing As a key component and choke of hardware screaming into fresh air.

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You've noticed how much Launched this year are similar to each other? How much reuse of production processes in the packaging world? Well, there is also light in this darkness, and it comes from a manufacturer who does not believe in ornaments.

The most impressive chassis - Be Quiet! Pure Base 600

The Pure Base 600 is a very quiet chassis, with truly high quality fans and fantastic building quality that comes to us at a cost of about NIS 350. In the past, we used to pay NISNUMX more and more shekels for these features.

Space for video cards, means Massive curvature is something that comes by default in the fantastic package, but instead of attracting attention, it elegantly removes the heat and does it very quietly with acoustic walls. The fun of a German engineer is also calculated without spending large sums of money. For those of you who also want to enjoy the appearance of the hardware inside the case, there is a version with a tempered glass window plus about NIS 60.

The hard drive anchorage in this case is made with a high quality delay mechanism, there is ample placement for the cable arrangement and enough holes for spacious and easy wiring. With the chassis comes two fans of the series Pure Wings 2 of the manufacturer, fans worth a considerable monetary and this is not a trivial thing. Sometimes manufacturers like or even Includes ultra-cheap fans.

We want to see more Such as Pure Base 600 in 2018. Who put their financial investment in the comfort of the assembly and the quality of the materials across the colorful fans.

This year's Power Supply - Neo Eco 550W Modular

Today we are in an age where reliability of power supplies has become a very important thing. Such reliability is often measured by time and the power supply of Eno's XoUMXW Modular Eco is in the market for quite some time. So far, there has been a particularly low return rate for this power supplier, and this is what users and stores rely on throughout the country.

Total power of 550 watts is suitable for most gamers today, with support for typical processor systems Or Ryzen and graphics cards up to GTX 1080 and sometimes even beyond. The amount of binding is sufficient to the number And there is no sense of deprivation at all.

The third side of this holy triangle is the price. Antek is interested in the world, and it has ensured that consumers in Israel will be able to buy Neo Eco 550W Modular suppliers at fair prices that usually revolve around the shekel 270 line. Sometimes, this price drops significantly when purchasing an Antek package.

Thus, NEM550 (in its abbreviated name) became a very solid choice for users of high end systems. This combination of convenient shackling, not bad efficiency at all, and very low price allows for a product that can be recommended with a quiet mind and that is the essence of a good power supplier.

During the year 2018 we will be delighted to see other companies that make power supplies popular with this combination.


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  1. Funny that only a few hours ago I saw specs here on the site, the 8700k costs ~ 1750 shekels. What did we get, 50 weighed off 6800k?

  2. Why did not they make a laptop category (and prefer to ignore Apple)? Even so, fixed-line computers have already fallen in market share

  3. Why is there no reward for this year's video card? And who is this cougar? Sounds like half an advertisement ..

  4. You're right, cougar They paid us $ 500,000 so we had to put them in. What, would you do otherwise? It is difficult to refuse such an amount.

    How did you find out?

  5. I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

  6. Quote of djelectric

    I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

    A short visit to the gaming stores in the country with the question "Who's Cougar" will bring up a lot of interesting answers. Feel free to try

    I will definitely look. I visit 20 once a day, I have not heard of them here. Perhaps on a glass case that looked like an elephant and was quite famous for a certain period

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw the supplier you recommended on Antec is with bronze efficiency and found it less than 310 weighed how it is better than others in its category

  8. Quote of VAnD4L

    Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen that you have recommended Antec It is with bronze efficiency and I have found it less than 310 considering how better it is than others in its category

    A. It costs a little less than 310:


    B. There are many more parameters to measure power supply besides efficiency. In fact, efficiency is the least important in my personal opinion, and more a marketing trick.

    I very much agree with this supplier, a great supplier at a price he does not currently have.

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