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HWzone's 2017 year-round

HWzone's manufacturer of the year

When it came to hardware, 2017 was definitely a year of trends. Some hardware makers have stuck to what they have done so far, while other manufacturers have decided to create new sets of hardware unlike any of their predecessors.

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One particular manufacturer of hardware stood out in our opinion in 2017 more than anyone else and in fact not only offered new products and thus increased the supply, but significantly improved the price for the gamer and in fact set a new standard of quality at any possible price tag.

HWzone Manufacturer of the Year for 2017 - Cougar

Cougar is a relatively new brand in the market today, but the veterans will probably remember the name HEC which is the company that runs the brand. The German HEC has stood out in the last two decades as a prominent manufacturer of And power suppliers mainly for personal computers.

About two years ago, HEC decided that it was completely removing its name from new gaming products and promoting the Cougar brand, which until now had been part of certain series of power supplies for gamers. With its brand new hand, HEC has begun aggressive promotion and marketing of a host of gaming products besides just And power suppliers.

Suddenly we began to see keyboards, mice and other Cougar peripherals starting to flood the market. Cougar regrets that it is possible to combine good human engineering with an accessible price and create a product that competes with veteran brands and is considered much more without losing points on the quality of construction and durability of its products.

With the advent of the year 2017 began to attack Cougar on all fronts with the vision to become a gaming brand worth every pocket and it seems that it certainly revolutionized. Here are some Cougar gaming products that made the year 2017, and close enough that gamers reading the article hold one or know someone like that.

Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

The Cougar Armor was a particularly popular product This year, given the small market share to which it is turning. The quality that is usually given to competitors at 1200 is sometimes sold to the consumer at less than NIS 900.

This picture has a well-built gaming mouse and uses the most accurate optical sensor in the market, alongside With excellent build quality and 40 millimeter drivers. These two products, which usually pay for hundreds of shekels, are sold for much less. The Revenger mouse costs only NIS 225 compared to the NIS 350 that you will pay for a similar or identical product with its competitors' features (ahem… Deathadder Chroma). The Immersa costs only about NIS 230 and offers the quality of audio you usually get for a lot more.

Here's a cute gaming console in the mATX format that is also compatible with today's advanced hardware and offers good airflow along with quality binding.

Cougar MG110 Case in Window Version

The Cougar MG110 is currently offered to the consumer at NIS 150 and is available in a version with and without a side window. Honestly, how many decent gaming boxes do you know at such a price? This is exactly why we chose Cougar as the manufacturer of the year, the price-plus combined with the quality of the product is the one that leads this market.

We have not yet reached keyboards, mouse pads and power supplies, but we hope you understand the point. We thank Cougar for leaving the other manufacturers vulnerable and hope that moves like these product launches will also lead other companies to bring "non-stop" products to the market at really fair prices and not charge extra for the brand name.

Cougar also teaches us about the truly high profit rates of its competing products by sometimes using the same internal components and marketing them to the consumer at a significantly lower cost, like its gaming mice.

We hope that in the year 2018, other companies will find creative solutions to market quality products at an affordable price, rather than artificially inflating product value.

What are your products of the year, HWzone surfers? Agree with our choices? You are welcome to voice your comments.


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  1. Funny that only a few hours ago I saw specs here on the site, the 8700k costs ~ 1750 shekels. What did we get, 50 weighed off 6800k?

  2. Why did not they make a laptop category (and prefer to ignore Apple)? Even so, fixed-line computers have already fallen in market share

  3. Why is there no reward for this year's video card? And who is this cougar? Sounds like half an advertisement ..

  4. You're right, cougar They paid us $ 500,000 so we had to put them in. What, would you do otherwise? It is difficult to refuse such an amount.

    How did you find out?

  5. I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

  6. Quote of djelectric

    I tried not to make it look like an advertisement. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to hide the enthusiasm when something new touches the hardware market in this way.

    A short visit to the gaming stores in the country with the question "Who's Cougar" will bring up a lot of interesting answers. Feel free to try

    I will definitely look. I visit 20 once a day, I have not heard of them here. Perhaps on a glass case that looked like an elephant and was quite famous for a certain period

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but from what I saw the supplier you recommended on Antec is with bronze efficiency and found it less than 310 weighed how it is better than others in its category

  8. Quote of VAnD4L

    Correct me if I am wrong but from what I have seen that you have recommended Antec It is with bronze efficiency and I have found it less than 310 considering how better it is than others in its category

    A. It costs a little less than 310:


    B. There are many more parameters to measure power supply besides efficiency. In fact, efficiency is the least important in my personal opinion, and more a marketing trick.

    I very much agree with this supplier, a great supplier at a price he does not currently have.

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