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AMD's Year: Introducing the new gaming processors, led by the dreaded Ryzen 9 3900X

The Sunnyvale chip developer is unveiling what may be its biggest leap forward For about a decade and a half - with the series New and powerful chassis The seller

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The 2019 Computex Exhibition opens with a storm at the press conference Conducted by Dr. Lisa Sue, CEO of the company and its affiliates and massive progress in recent years thanks to the architecture And the successful processor series as a result of this architecture engineer.

After the Ryzen 1000 series brought us for the first time eight-core processors cheaply to the world of computers, followed by the earthquake called Ryzen 2000, which caused amazing sales data for the company against , It seems that the tsunami has arrived.

"Great gambling needs to be made to achieve great achievements"

The Ryzen 3000 series could be a major turning point in the balance of power between Intel and Intel In the world of desktop processors, when the Zen 2 architecture based on the advanced 7 nm process may take healthy market shares in the world of servers and workstations with Having an unprecedented core amount of 64 for a single processor.

Ryzen's third-generation processor series is an engineering effort of 7 years that reaches its peak today. Here are some of the interesting details about These. We know that the cores themselves in the processor are manufactured in the 7 nanometer process in the plant And that the occupant is Existing. Bius updates that are compatible with these processors have been released in recent weeks on motherboard manufacturers' sites.

Here are some more details about Zen 2 Core. B- They claim that FP or Floating Point processing power has doubled. In addition, the amount of cache from the previous generation doubled, which was already very respectable and market leader. The reason? Game performance is important to. The improvement in IPC (RA Instructions per Clock) that it wanted Achieve compared to previous generation is 5-8 percent. The actual improvement? According to This is 15% compared to the previous generation. hearing In the frequency of 4Ghz as the previous generation performance of the frequency of 4.6Ghz roughly, speaking of rough comparison.

The first star is the Ryzen 7 3700X, a processor with incredible data such as 8 cores and 16 capillaries, 4.4Ghz, An 36MB cache and a heat envelope of 65W only (!), Definitely impressive data.

Next in line is the top edge product in the 8 cores field. God- 7 3800X is a processor with 8 cores and 16 capillaries with 105W "free" heat casing and 36MB cache. The boost frequency here is 4.5Ghz and the overall operating frequency is expected to remain high given the increased heat casing from the box.

The highlight is that a single core performance is close to "facing the competition", with the competition being of course processors Core i7 9700K and Core i9 9900K. Is penalized with the multi-capillary 9700K processor when Ryzen 7 processors demonstrate More serious.

Finally? The heavy cannon, a silicon monster and a first-of-its-kind processor in the standard computer chassis. Here is an earthquake event that many hoped on the net. 9 will be a series of high-end processors with more than 8 cores and the first one we get is the X- 9 3900X.

12 processing cores, 24 capillaries and Boost frequency of 4.6Ghz. All these together with no less than 70MB of cache, which is considered to be critical even in the world of workstations. The heat envelope is set to 105W. This processor is tuned to i9 9900K straight between the eyes with performance Which should be close to a few percent, and multi-core performance is tens of percent higher.

A direct comparison was made in 3D rendering of the Blender software directly to the Core i9 9920X, a processor with an Intel 12 processor core for the LGA2066 chassis. Processor of vista Finish the early rendition in the shortest time in tens of percent. Price differences? Processor of vista Costs as much as 1100 dollars. That of AMD? Well…

The three new processors are being launched with competitive price tags, 2000. In fact, there is no real price overrun of the various products when 7 2700X is already available for less than 280 USD. The new core 8 experience will start from 329 Dollars. Those who want 8 enhanced cores will pay 399 dollars. Monster 12 cores for real aspirants will cost 499 dollars.

Availability - Mark your 7 for July. Seven and seven, that 7 nm etc. On this date, the new processors are expected to appear on the shelves. No mid-market processors are talking about models 5, but these are expected to be announced later this summer, with the reduction of existing processors and the removal of inventories.

What do you think, are we here at the beginning of a revolution? How much success do you expect these processors?

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