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Believe the rumors? These are AMD's future processors and graphics cards

A YouTube channel that has successfully predicted the generation of the GeForce RTX generation Claims to provide us with the technical details about the Ryzen processors, Senior executives for 2019

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It may be more than prophecy and wishful thinking, and it may be one of the most comprehensive and luscious leaks for this year - the real answers will probably only be received during 2019, but in the meantime you are welcome to read and provide us with your opinions and evaluations: This is AMD's next generation, according to Channel The YouTube season there AdoredTV Which has been able to prove its ability to predict fortunes in the hardware world in the past.

In the ", It is estimated that the new 3000 generation will try to break the market once again at both the bottom and the top - with a model 3 3300, which will offer six physical processing cores at a price tag of only $ 100, with a model 5 3600 which will deliver eight physical processing cores at a price of just under $ 180 and for dessert at 9 3800X and 9 3850X that will supply 16 processing cores at recommended prices of 450 USD and 500 USD respectively.

The modular structure of the E- 2 will enable the effective integration of large and relatively advanced graphics cores alongside the general processing cores? Hope to find out the answer soon

The ambitious leak estimates that the launch of graphics-free graphics processors will be available at CES 2019 early next month (we already know that Is planning a major media event at this gigantic conference), while G models with graphical cores from the new Navi and Ryzen 9 3850X will reach the frequency Impressive 5.1GHz will be presented at the show During June.

The list of full processors, according to the current leak

If this is not enough for you, the video in question has also added speculation about the launch of new graphics cards from the series RX 3000, already at CES 2019 in about a month, with the Navi architecture cores and clear direction to the middle market - model RX 3080 will be the family's leader with the Navi 10 core, 6GB's GDDR8 memory and performance that is superior to the X- RX Vega 64 at approximately 15 percent, all at a recommended price of about $ 250 only, RX 580, or RX 590, today.

model RX 3070 will contain a smaller Navi 12 core, with the same 8GB of GDDR6 memory and performance that will be similar to those of the G- The current RX Vega 56, for a price tag of about 200 - while the model RX 3060 will offer 4GB of up-to-date graphics memory with performance similar to RX 580 at a base price of 130 USD, which is approximately 30 lower than the most competitive prices we have seen for these models to date.

It is possible that this attack on the middle market is already seen within a month from today, perhaps parallel to the models Discounted competitor of NVIDIA

It should be made clear once again that this is only speculation at this time, and should therefore be treated with dignity or skepticism - although this information certainly seems very promising, adding a significant amount of interest and piquancy to the wait awaiting the Las Vegas tech show.


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  1. Surrey, don't buy it.
    Processor prices make sense, video card prices don't.
    If Vega 64 sells for $ 400 dollars, assuming Black Friday, there is no chance that a new card with a strong 15% will cost $ 250. This will make the market cannibalize.
    Either the new tickets will be weaker than Vega cards, or they will cost more than the advertised price.

    1. Cannibalization only if they continue to produce and sell the old tickets. Which they probably won't.
      If these rumors are true, I believe these tickets will be a huge sales hit.

  2. Exactly because of such "failures" ... AMD gets behind it from consumers.

    From the rumors I can describe it this way:
    You got to know someone in Tinner, pretty shapely, high-talking… ..and here you came to the meeting and you found Orly Wanapa who looks nothing like the picture.

    1. The amn's banquets create expectations and increase enthusiasm and eventually are disappointed.

  3. It is interesting who has the interest to hit the big three AMD INTEL NVIDIA like this
    It's the kind of picnose coming from Russia / China, but who and why?

  4. I think that there will be no ARCHITECTURE of NAVI but Vega on 15 Nano the 7% of 15 we get as a result of minimization and possible play with The Waltage (this is my theory at least) The price will be cheap (hopefully 64 $) because it's an old technology that just went through miniaturization

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