Three Free Games: AMD's Response to GeForce RTX?

We still do not hear too much about the possible launch of new processing products from the main competitor of Microsoft - but those who choose to buy their middle models will be able to get three big games with no extra price

There is no argument that AMD will need to take any action in response to NVIDIA's big display, which brought us into our lives The first GeForce RTX series But as new 7 nano-core blades for Radeon products are still under a big question mark, while the Navi architecture cores are still about a year or more away from the launch, it seems that the solution can be mainly focused on In the areas of prices "Missed" with more rewarding offers than ever before.

Fresh venture of The Raise The Game is called (for the third time) and claims to make the elite models, especially the middle- The Strange Brigade from the creators of the Sniper Elite series also includes the title of the Star Control strategy: Origins, which will try to revive a glorious series from the past, as well as Assassin's Creed Odyssey itself, which is undoubtedly one of the most prominent and warmest products for the year 2018 as a whole.

Love new games and need a fresh graphics card? This deal can be just for you

The deal will be available for selected HP models Vega 64, Vega 56 - and of the - RX 580 and RX 570, which is not yet contested by the X- Can become more relevant than ever with a bonus of games with a total value of over NIS 500.

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We hope that Israeli buyers who receive the products from abroad will not encounter restrictions and problems in realizing their entitlement

Unfortunately, According to the official AMD site This impressive deal is not currently available officially at local stores in Israel - but it is available on various models Which are sold in Amazon, including shipping to Israel And they International site of Newegg store Which also makes deliveries to the Holy Land, where the purchasers are supposed to be entitled to the same codes. Will this be enough to stop the , At least in the interim stage until the announcement of intermediate models from the New Age? You are invited to write what you think of the comments.