Three Coolers Master: Cooler Master Launches Massive Cooling for AMD HWzone Processors

The three are better than the one: Cooler Master launches massive cooling for AMD processors

The new MasterAir model is designed to deal with the models' The most intimidating in conventional methods, without the use of liquid

The good relationship between Cooler Master and the company This is reflected in the Wraith Ripper coolers she first developed for her second-generation processors - but if you want to upgrade to a Threadripper processor and get performance Worthy, now you also have a good reason to consider the MasterAir MA621P TR4.

The new model, which claims to be one of the most effective air coolers on the market, is designed to dissipate heat from processors with a thermal envelope of up to 250W, using six heat conduction copper tubes and a pair of fins Of aluminum, between which can be combined up to three 120 fans for impressive air intake.

Two fans as a base - and another to add on your own

Height of 165 millimeters and especially a significant width of 124 millimeters make it clear that the MA621P will not be suitable for use with all possible enclosures and all types of high dynamic memory - therefore potential purchasers will need to carefully test compatibility when adjusting the motherboard and memory. Processor and cooling.

Colorful and colorful that can be easily synced with other hardware components in your system

The MA621P carries a recommended price tag of $ 70 (and can be purchased at Amazon USA now At an even lower cost of 50 dollars, Or $ 66.64 including shipping), which includes a thermal ointment syringe and a pair of MF120R fans with illumination A programmable tulip that supports most leading lighting control applications - where consumers can replace fans in almost any other 120 millimeter model they want - and add their own third fan if they wish.

Worth, or not enough for your taste? Let's talk about it in comments.

The cooling comes with a two-year warranty - and compatibility with the TR4's Only, as opposed to the corresponding MasterAir MA620P version


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