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Time to update: Security holes in NVIDIA drivers

You own a family card , Or even Tesla? This is the right time to install the 430.64 version

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New device drivers for video cards are frequently launched, when it is not at all certain that most users bother to keep track of developments and update their hardware immediately. However, sometimes it seems that there are significantly more important updates than others - and such is 430.64 version Which was approved by the WHQL Quality Hardware Labs And is now available on the network with patches designed to prevent possible performance and loopholes .

The driver includes, as always, profiles for new titles such as Rage 2, World War Z and Total War: Three Kingdoms, along with minor updates designed to resolve technical issues reported in other games like Hitman 2 and Shadow of the - But the update also includes a solution to an unexpected problem that was created in the 430.39 version that was introduced a few weeks ago, in which a process called nvdisplay.container.exe resulted in a large consumption of processing resources regularly on some systems. Whether you have experienced this problem or not, it is best not to take a risk and update to sleep a little better at night.

There are many updates to video cards - but the latest is more important and meaningful than most, so you should not ignore it

For dessert, the 430.64 version includes A solution to three different security weaknesses that have been discovered and recently published, And they originate in files created on systems that include the hardware products of Microsoft - One weakness that leaves unsynchronized variables that can perform denial of service attacks or even gain high operating system privileges, another weakness that does not accurately check enough digital signatures for executables and may allow high system privileges to an experienced attacker and a third vulnerability that could also allow denial of service attacks Based on A cache that is not managed correctly.

The weaknesses can affect each tab of the Environment , Not just those intended for gaming and the average home user

These weaknesses are relevant to all SIM cards. Modern home systems, both Quadro family cards and boosters In the server world and HPC - so even though there have been no documented physical attacks based on these security gaps, this is certainly another good reason to invest the effort and update. Successfully!

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