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High quality portable USB drives from home And from home You are now waiting for Amazon at a price that is hard to refuse

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The constant demand of users for larger and faster storage volumes brought compact USB drives to some extent to the drives External Bigger and more expensive, but even those capable of offering volume and performance are significantly superior - but if a few hundred gigabytes is all you need and a particularly small size is a bonus for you, you should not ignore the latest prices available in the online store. .

The old and common SanDisk Ultra CZ48 drive, with a mechanism that reveals and hides its Type-A connector and continuous transfer speeds up to 100 megabytes per second (and even more so in some cases), has dropped to its lowest price level to date Maximum of existing 256GB in the brand - 30 dollars only, or 37.1 dollars includes home delivery which is only NIS 135, or just over half a shekel per gigabyte of .

The prices of the same model here in the country start at NIS 195, so this is definitely an impressive bargain - and if you choose to combine the purchase with additional products for a total value of less than 75 you can also enjoy a relative distribution of shipping costs, which will lower the price a bit Relative for the drive.

This is not the drive Has the best performance in the entire market - but is by far one of the most profitable in the environment at the moment of writing these

Additional details and purchase:

Samsung USB drive at 256GB - for less than NIS 140

Another generous 256GB USB drive from SanDisk has received a nice price drop - the ultra-well-known and well-known Ultra-based USB 3.0 standard that can deliver speeds up to 100 megabytes per second

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135 ש"ח

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If you are interested in the largest volume possible and also in the smallest dimensions in the category, you can purchase the Ultra Fit model of In volume of 256GB, it is also at a final price of only NIS 135 compared to prices of more than NIS 200 here at local stores. In this case, too, you can combine the purchase of two drives together, or other products of your choice, and lower your relative shipping costs.

Additional details and purchase:

256GB Tiny SanDisk USB USB Drive for the lowest price

SanDisk Tiny Ultra Fit Drive at a high volume that is capable of delivering continuous 130 megabytes per second available for purchase at a great price - which will become low and even shorter if you decide to order two together to share the extra shipping cost

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135 ש"ח

Portable USB drives also from home Get quality price cuts - and now the company's 128GB and gray-colored metallic Bar Plus model are available at a base price of only 22 dollars, or 29.13 dollars including home delivery, which means only NIS 105. A silver-tinted model in the same volume will cost you a little more, 30.48 dollars includes home delivery.

If you want to save even more, you can choose to purchase three drives This sample is combined in one transaction, so that the final price includes shipping will amount to 73.41 dollars which is about NIS 260 - NIS 87 only per unit!

Drives worth a fraction of their local price

Additional details and purchase:

Samsung Metallic USB Drive at 128GB

The Korean giant's 128GB portable drive model is also offered at a very short price for its shade of gray, and if you decide to order two or even three together at once you can enjoy an even lower price of less than 100 for each unit thanks to shipping costs Relativity

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105 ש"ח

Also the biggest 256GB model of the Bar Plus drive , With great continuous transfer speeds of up to 300 megabytes per second, available for purchase at the lowest price to date in silver or gray with no difference - 47.1 Dollar includes home delivery, ie NIS 170 versus NIS 500 prices (!!) In stores in the country. All you have to do is just pick the most suitable offer.

Additional details and purchase:

High quality Samsung USB drive at 256GB

Samsung's wonderful metallic Bar Plus drive, capable of speeds up to 300 megabytes per second, is available for less than NIS 170 including shipping for its maximum available storage volume, 256GB, in a silvery or grayscale version of your choice

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170 ש"ח


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