Today at Amazon: Excellent hardware operations

12 processor from cores At an unprecedented price and more surprises await you in the network, in the coming hours only

Today 's Deals In the United States, there are also quite a few interesting hardware components - and we're here to make sure you do not miss the opportunity, which will only be available until tomorrow morning (Wednesday, the 27 in March).

Processor Threadripper 1920X has an AMD 12 cores Available at its lowest price to date - 346.47 USD including VAT and shipping, which is approximately NIS 1,260.It is definitely worth those who want the maximum amount of processing units at the lowest price.

Generation E- The third is approaching, and in the meantime the remaining inventory of the first generation is getting more and more extreme price cuts

The Ryzen 5 1600 processor is an antenna of AMD Also available at a very low price - 172 dollars including VAT, shipping and a dedicated cooling body that comes with the product in the package, as 625 NIS in direct hampers. In the latest Ryzen 7 2700 Together with a body Wraith Spite LED for $ 270.5, which is approximately NIS 980.

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WireServer Rival 110 Gaming Mouse Is now sold at the price of 31.92 USD, or NIS 120 compared to the price of ILS 165 in Israel.

A handsome mouse from a good house - at a price that does not rip the pocket for a change

Another Radeon RX 590 model is available in a cost tag that challenges NVIDIA - The Fatboy model from XFX 277.13 is offered for an all-inclusive dollar, ie, approximately NIS 1,005 plus Eligibility for three up-to-date games at no additional charge of course.

The HyperX Cloud II gaming headset Are sold in red or gray, costing 87.28 USD, approximately NIS 320 compared to a minimum price of NIS 390 in the local market.

Razer's popular DeathAdder Elite gaming mouse Sold at $ 47.05, including shipping to the house, as 175, which is a discount of at least NIS 85 compared to its costs in Israel. Additionally, Razer Seiren X Desktop Microphone Available at a lower price than the VAT exemption threshold - $ 87.32 including shipping, which is approximately NIS 320.

Toshiba 2 External Hard Drive Sold at a lower price than the VAT exemption threshold - 61.42 USD or NIS 225. Toshiba 7,200 300 RPM Internal Hard Drive with 6 TB Also available at a reduced price - 166.6 USD or 610 NIS.

Kodair Scimitar Pro RGB Cordless Gaming Mouse, With no less than 12 programmable programmable buttons, is available at a tiny price of 55.36, including shipping, about NIS 205, compared with prices starting at about NIS 385 for the same model in local stores.

A mouse that will cite any MOBA and MMORPG enthusiast in almost half of the Israeli price

Razer's advanced Kiyo webcam Sold in 79.85 dollars including shipping, 295 shekels which are a large discount compared to the local price of 445 shekels and more.

The ASUS PrimeZ370-A motherboard has built-in RGB illumination, For its latest processors , Sold in 150.16 dollars including VAT and shipping, ie 550 shekels, which are 200 shekels less than the minimum prices for the same board in Israel.

Advance at a surprisingly good price

A formidable, semi-modular and highly efficient power supply Supernova 1000 PQ of EVGA, Compatible with the 80Plus Platinum standard and up to 1,000 watts in its 12 Volts, can be yours for $ 212.46 or 775.