Today at Amazon: Storage products at great prices

Drives And large capacity expansion cards from PNY are being offered for significant price cuts - only until tomorrow morning

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Amazon is once again indulging hardware enthusiasts - this time with the opportunity to take volume with you Especially great anywhere, and at a very competitive price.

PNY's Deal of the Day offers an opportunity to renew several models of USB drives - from just $ 9 to a USB 3.0 Turbo Drive with Volume of 64GB, The price of 17.5 dollars Model with 128GB And 35 dollars Drive to an 256GB volume (All with an additional 7 per shipment), and therefore it is strongly recommended to combine the purchase of these models with additional products, in a total amount that is lower than the 75 VAT exemption threshold, but will divide the relative shipping cost between the products) USB drive 3.1 of 128GB And 40 dollars Drive to an 256GB drive To $ 101.91 including VAT and shipping The Elite Pro drive has an impressive 512GB volume.

Slightly above the VAT exemption threshold in the meantime - perhaps in the next round of discounts we can already get 512GB from a well-known brand for less than 75 dollars?

Drives PNY's are not the most advanced on the market, and include fairly basic random writing speeds - but are still considered reliable and appropriate for those who need maximum volume at a minimum price.

Another interesting operation exists for microSD drives in peak volume of 512GB, when Elite Model With continuous transfer speeds of up to 90MBps is offered for 183.77 dollars including VAT and shipping, which is approximately NIS 670 - And Pro Elite Advanced With speeds up to 100MBps and especially the A2 App Performance standard that ensures Randomized credits can be purchased for $ 218.87, or approximately NIS 800. It's definitely not cheap, but it's an almost unprecedented cost for what makes the cutting edge in the category today - and if that's what you need, do not miss the opportunity.

One of the E- The most advanced in the world - assuming 100 dollars from the original price

Need full size SD cards? Also you will find in winking prices of between 15 and USD Inflate 64GB, The cost of 27 dollars To 128GB And the cost of 55 dollars to256GB Card, All with the addition of $ 7 for delivery to home and continuous transfer speeds of up to 95 megabytes. Maximum 512GB model Available at the price of 137.19 USD, approximately NIS 505, including VAT and shipping.

Photographers? There are very good opportunities for you too

For dessert, we will also tell you about the popular A400 Kingston SSD - now available at a great price of 37.43 dollars including shipping Inflate 240GB, That is, about NIS 140 only, or even less if you choose to combine additional products, thereby dividing the total shipping cost between them. Pleasant shopping!