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Toshiba's new laptop offers you 4K in ultra compact packaging

The Japanese manufacturer is trying to beat the The game she invented with 360 New Degrees that features the most dense screen in the entire category

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IFA 2015 has provided us with an unusually high number of new and updated laptops thanks to the new Skylake processor wave launched With its inception, the 10 windows system has become the latest standard. Many of the models presented were a refresher to an existing model with very few changes in appearance or capabilities - but there were also models that definitely surprised us, and Satellite Radius 12's He is one of them.

As can already be seen from the name, Radius 12 belongs to the family of instruments called Convertible in English and 360 Yoga in the Interpretation Required - In other words, the same computers Equipped with a touch screen and a pivot capable of full rotation, thus serving both on the computer Standard, both as a tablet and in the intermediate mode of a touch-based desktop PC.

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This type of mobile is fast becoming the new dominant trend in the laptop market (along with a 'two in one' mobile where the touch screen can be physically disconnected), and the Radius 12 is one of the most advanced thanks to a panel-based 12.5-inch touch screen IPS 2,160 × 3,840 pixel resolution, plus type glass cladding NBT.

This is the first time we see a resolution On such a small screen (in terms of the laptop world, of course, we have not forgotten the Z5 Premium), it translates to a peak density of 353 pixels per square inch. In addition, Toshiba claims that the screen offers an exceptionally wide color gamut with a coverage of 100 per cent of the Adobe device , With laboratory testing and validation from Technicolor, which specializes in these matters. On the bottom line, it seems to be one of the highest-quality screens you can find on the mobile market, and it's certainly meant to wink at all editors and content creators.

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The Radius 12 will also be available in a version with a more sane IPS screen at fullHD resolution

Beyond the advanced screen, the rest of the Radius 12 specification is everything you'd expect to get on a laptop in 2015 - up-to-date dual-core Skylake chips from the economical U family, 4GB or 8GB-based RAM, storage In volume between 128GB and 512GB, system 10 includes a shortcut for access to the personal assistant Cortana on the F1 button, a camera that supports face recognition, Hello for faster, more secure, and reliable access to the operating system, stereo speakers from Harman-Kardon, and a connection Type C is up to date, next to a pair of connections 3.0 Type A is standard for backward compatibility.

All of this technical specification is wrapped in a durable and nice-looking aluminum case, about 15.4 thick and a relatively low weight of 1.32. We still do not know what performance improvements the actual Skylake generation will provide us with and how it will handle the resolutions of - But on the face of it, this is a high-quality product, which is certainly another step in the evolution of laptops for machines that can be a real replacement for the desktop for a significant number of users.


We have two key question marks left for the Radius 12. One concerns the battery life of this compact device, which was not specified by Toshiba even in general. Let's hope it's because the fresh chips didn't give her enough time to examine the matter in depth, and not that the expected battery life is so impressive that the preference is not to tell them at all - though a screen Certainly will not help the economy in this case. So we can only hope that the wink of professionals on the advanced screen will not be interpreted as an astronomical price tag that will keep the average home users away from looking for a small, high-quality computer.

The Satellite Radius 12 will be available for purchase during the last quarter of 2015. We hope that he will succeed in continuing his positive first impression here.

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