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Toshiba launches: Is it the most affordable storage drive around?

New hard disk drive The X300 series claims to provide you with a 8 terabyte at a cost of about NIS 1,000

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Not everyone is interested in relatively old and slow mechanical drives in their computer systems - but it cannot be denied that this is still the most sensible and likely method of storing hundreds of gigabytes or terabytes of important information that is not necessarily in regular daily use, and now A new model that may face the cost-benefit of this field, from none other than the modest third side that competes in the formidable duopoly -WD, .

The Japanese manufacturer's new X300 drive (which continues to compete exclusively in the hard-disk segment) offers 8 terabytes of 3.5-in-known, fast-rotating 7,200 RPM for optimum performance (relative) with SATA III interface and Six PMR magnetic plates with 1.3 terabytes of storage for each, along with 128 megabytes of DRAM cache, this drive should fit most common home uses, including as an operating system drive - though naturally performing It cannot be compared to any drive , Which would be preferable in any parameter meaningful.

The selection is swelling, slowly

The discounted cost of X300 is mainly due to a limited warranty of only two years, up to 180 terabytes of writing per year, and with MTBF data set at one million hours - lower than other models that may offer a warranty of three or five years, at price tags which will be Higher by a few dozen dollars compared to the recommended price tag Toshiba set: between 250 and 255 dollars, or about NIS 900, which is the lowest for the 7,200 rpm drive we encountered.

It is not certain that this is the best picture to represent the estimated use of the new hard drives

Even after our local VAT increment, the price of the drive seems to be only "1,050" or "1,100 NIS" only, which will make it cheaper at NIS 200-150 drives value by Seagate and - Which are already available in stores today. Even if You can be congratulated on the fact that a competitor with a competitive cost enters the field and can spur price cuts in a market that has more or less moved in its place recently.

A 8 terabyte drive with a price tag that is not too far from the price of the common 6TB drives joins a series that includes several more volumes at winking prices


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  1. Quote of Gimel

    If I understand correctly, it is something that does not pay off clearly and it is best to just buy a drive SSD normal.

    This is just an example. The future is this format, which will finally combine the RAM with DISK into one memory unit.

    1. A. For OMD I meant SSD in volume 8TB
      B. In 03 / 07 I bought a similar Hitachi drive on EBAY:
      NEW 10TB HGST Hitachi Ultrastar He10 SATA III 6Gbps / 600 7200RPM 256MB Hard Drive at 299 $ - I don't like this drive lined up in terms of price.

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