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Toshiba Unveils New SSD Drive for OCZ Branded Home Market

The TR200 is another new generation product that is expected to contribute to increased competitiveness in the storage world

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As it continues to seek the right buyer for its chip manufacturing division, Toshiba is trying to present business as usual to all its potential customers, launching the brand's new TR200 series of drives , Which will replace the TR100 and TR150 models with (how not) new 3-D TLC chips.

Third-generation BiCS chips in 64 multi-layer structures will give us 240 gigabytes, 480 gigabytes, and 960 gigabytes in standard 2.5-1 configurations with a SATA III connector, Toshiba 's first designed for the home market and includes This technology.

After the XG5 model intended for the various computer providers, a new (and three-dimensional) competitor arrives in the neighborhood and targets the end users

In terms of performance itself, Toshiba declares fairly promising data with continuous speeds of up to 550 megabytes per second in read up to 525 megabytes per second in writing, as well as up to 80,000IOPS in random work with small 4 files in read and up to 87,000IOPS in states Along with three-year warranty (with total write volumes of 60 GB for 240 GB, 120 GB for 480 GB and 240 GB for 960 GB Of storage).

What is the price? This big question mark remains unanswered for the time being

Like most of Toshiba's bookcases, even those of the TR200 series will be based on a controller With a DRAM-free array but with a heavy-duty cache that simulates the use of SLC chips for increased performance in short bursts. There will also be support for DevSLP technology for significant energy savings in a situation where the drive is not in direct use, making the products suitable for both desktop and computer use Where battery life is a critical feature.

It's time to say goodbye to the successful TR150 models - let's hope the heirs don't disappoint us

We still do not know how much these new offers will cost us, but as with any 3D drive No other DRAM - hope for something that will surprise us, with less than 30 cents per gigabyte of , For example.


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    1. Only Samsung. More expensive than most of the competitors that target the home market, but both me and my friends have the Ivo 840 for about 3 years and everything is fine and amazing :)

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