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Toshiba is introducing a small, promising SSD drive in the fast NVME technology

The RC100 will be another attempt to make advanced storage technology break into the mass market

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We are sticking to the fact that one of the 2018 threads will be NVME-compatible drives that cost just like drives (Or AHCI), which will boost the industry's standard performance and provide more and more consumers with a good reason to upgrade their mechanical storage. This may be a pretentious aspiration for one year, when today a large part of the NVMe drives carry double price tags from SATA drives at the same volume - But to our delight, there are plenty of actresses who want to advance the field and bring us closer to such a future - and Toshiba is one of them.

The Japanese manufacturer now announces the family of RC100 drives for private consumers, based on a single chip enclosure that includes both the controller and the notebook memory. 3D architecture with a modern BiCS 3 architecture with 64 layer structure and TLC configuration to store three bits of information per cell.

A drive that fits any NUC computer and its derivative, and almost all And portable storage where the volume is not physically welded to the motherboard

The drives will be offered in an ultra-compact 2 M.42 configuration (compared with 80 millimeters in most common M.2 drives), which is designed to ensure that they will fit almost any computer with an M.2 slot, however small.

They will be available in 120 gigabytes, 240 gigabytes and 480 gigabytes, with support for HMB (Host Memory Buffer) technology, which allocates several tens of megabytes of memory The RAM in the system for use as a fast cache for the storage drive will allow them to reach the level Pretty good with continuous transfer speeds of up to 1.62 gigabytes per second, alongside Random up to 160,000IOPS read and up to 120,000IOPS in writing - more than any SATA drive, despite giving up the built-in dynamic cache and relying on PCI-Express3.0x2 only half of the maximum potential of M.2.

The RC100 drives are the consumer version of the BG3 models that were designed for computer manufacturers and launched several months ago - even in even miniscule configurations of the M.2 card with 30 millimeters or chassis length BGA soldering

We have not yet received official prices for the RC100 drives, but Toshiba guarantees that they will be highly competitive and affordable - so feel free to set yourself the price range that will make you convinced and jump on the bargain, and what price will bury this family before it lands on the shelves.


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