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A new generation of 3D chips: Toshiba unveils new XG5 SSD drive

Among all its troubles, the Japanese company finds time to make a happy debut to its new BiCS technology with 64 layers of Compressed and advanced

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It can not be said that the " They managed to steal the success of the Computex 2017 show, but they certainly provided us with some interesting conversation topics as part of the premiere of new and advanced storage chips from a number of different manufacturers. We've already told you about IMFT's cool development - and now it's time to contact one of their competitors, .

It could very well be that in a few months we'll hear that the company's entire NAND chip production division, which is littered with huge debts, is being transferred to another company, with options like Western Digital, And even Apple that is thrown into the air, but until that happens (if it happens) there is an attempt to broadcast business as usual - with the announcement of a plan to switch chips 3-D in all products, with a new XG5 model designed for the various computer manufacturers, and may be the one you'll find on your next laptop.

Not for us - but certainly interesting to us

The XG5 is intended to be successor to the XG3 and XG4 models, which were based on chips Planar in MLC configuration and TLC configuration respectively, with the use of three-dimensional TLC chips in BiCS3 (third generation developed by Toshiba) with a 64 "storey" structure, which is a kind of technology alignment with the capabilities of IMFT and Samsung in the field. We do not have specific information about the surface area of ​​these chips, but we do know that Toshiba has BiCS3 chips with 256 gigabytes per layer and 512 gigabytes per layer - which can undoubtedly offer double storage and even Triple compared to the most advanced planar chips, thus providing Identical and even better (according to the company) in power consumption, dimensions and price are significantly better. We hold our fingers.

The transition of BiCS3 should be reflected in all of the company's new products - and also with the production partner SanDisk

The new drives will be offered in the M.2 configuration with a common length of 80 millimeters in one-sided configuration, with volumes of between 256 gigabytes and one terabyte according to manufacturer preferences, ensuring impressive continuous transfer speeds of up to 3 gigabytes per second And up to 2.1 gigabytes per second in writing, power consumption of no more than 4.6 watts in operation and only 3 milliwatts in sleep mode - and a reasonable MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) of 1.5 million hours. We have no controller information God- Inside, but there is a good chance that this time, too, this is a self-developed controller , And possibly the same controller we've seen on the XG3 and XG4 models with the latest firmware to support the new memory chips.

With up to 512 gigabit per layer, Toshiba can create enclosures 16 gigabytes with a total volume of 480 gigabytes, thus getting M.2 drives in 2 terabytes in unilateral configuration - or even in 4 terabytes in duplex configuration

We do not have any details about the random performance of the XG5, but we assume that it will be at least as good as the previous generations, with about 120,000IOPS or 130,000IOPS for reading and writing small 4 files (of course QD32 work). Does not break records by any means, but should suffice for most consumers - probably if it comes with a fair cost.

The company is proud of their technological achievement - and we hope that we will indeed have a triple and even square competition here in the 3D NAND world

The XG5 itself should not be available to home consumers officially, but it should definitely be coordinated for this market, probably under the brand - Just like the RD400 model that was and remains one of the most profitable in the M.2 drives segment is actually the brother of that XG3. We are eagerly awaiting these two new models, in the hope that they will be able to keep their promises and maintain the competitiveness of , Before the seemingly inevitable transition to a new owner.


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