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Trying to fight back against Amazon: Free shipping to Israel also in Newegg

The popular online hardware store launches a free shipping offer to Israel - at significantly higher initial purchases compared to the Jeff Bezos empire

For a relatively short period of time somewhere between mid-2017 and early last year, (Newag) The US has succeeded in being a legitimate and serious competitor to Amazon with regard to hardware purchases over the network - it has begun to offer quick direct shipments to Israel and many other countries with a similar approach to the massive competitor purporting to handle all the required tax payments in advance and with no possible surprises at all, Offering a wide range of competitive products, some of which were not available elsewhere, and even occasionally offering more comprehensive discounts designed to expand the target audience.

Everything seemed pretty optimistic from the perspective of the local hardware-savvy consumer who had significant competition for his heart and pocket, but then it began Increase the pace and change the power relationship. The supply of hardware products shipped to Israel officially opened, shipping costs for large and heavy goods were cut - and at the end of last year the real knockout time came with the announcement of the possibility of free shipments for a significant portion of the products with a $ 50 purchase or more.

Free shipping opportunities on overseas purchases here to stay, indefinitely?

It was natural to assume that most of the competing online stores in the West would not be able to compare the amazing free benefit of But to our delight we discover over time that there are several attempts to challenge and fight - now also from home Which offers free shipping on a large variety of products in purchases for a total of NIS 680 and above.

Drives Updated 665p Available at Competitive Prices in With free shipping, for example - while not yet officially sold at Amazon's store

The amount of NIS 680 (equivalent to about $ 195 and excluding VAT, which means the minimum practical purchase value including tax is NIS 800) is significantly higher than the minimum purchase amount in Amazon that receives free shipping - but it still allows some of the offers of The online store is becoming more relevant, competitive and winking than before - partly because some hardware brands still exist that are available for direct shipment to Israel in But not in Amazon, there are products that enjoy more competitive pricing in Frequently and also there are models of products that are defined as exclusive to this platform.

Another good example of a computer Modern and worthy of a hardware configuration available only at At this stage - for an impressive price for the better

New flipping through the digital store pages We have been able to find several products such as computers , Free shipping motherboards and video cards that can be at least as affordable as parallel models in the online store American, and pay more than you can find in stores in the country - so it's definitely worth your while to take a look at the selection. Have you found a deal you shouldn't give up? Let's share them all in the comments!

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