Approaching the Holy Land? ASRock's graphics cards come to Europe and the Middle East (updated)

updating: Welcome to the family - ASRock also introduced its first Radeon RX Vega models. These models are based on the common base design of , But we hope that this is only a possible opening for a more special and intriguing continuation.

Availability is expanding - as is supply

The original article: Despite the initial announcements, the company's popular Phantom Gaming brand will bring the " Its markets close to us

The entry of a new competitor with a reputation for graphic processing cards is not something you see every day, and therefore the decision of The Taiwanese, formerly a part of the great Esos, to enter the field at the height of his period of uncertainty was a line that was not easy to ignore.

First we received statements that the new video cards, RX 570 and RX 580 and belong to a brand called Phantom , Will be available only in the Far East, without plans or even an apparent legal capacity to expand to Western countries - but to our delight, the situation now looks different and more optimistic.

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The new tickets come to Europe, Africa and the Middle East - so there is good reason to hope that Will be part of this expansion

B- Have decided to change the initial direction and expand to markets in Europe and the Middle East from this month onwards - when there seems to be a good chance that we will see these models in the Holy Land, considering that there is already an official local representative of the manufacturer for products from other categories.

ASRock still offers no models RX Of its own for sale, unfortunately - but perhaps that too will change and develop in the near future

The initial selection will include four different models, two of which are RX 580 (with GDDR5 8GB or 4GB) and two RX 570 (with identical graphics memory volumes) - and even though we are not yet aware of the prices we expect, , Especially in the AMD products sector, which has a smaller representation in the market compared to the dominance of the competitor .