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USB 3.1 on the way - Prepare for an unprecedented speed

You are tired of waiting until files are transferred through theUSB Will be done? Soon it may change

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USB-IF USB 3.1 USB 3.0Work at peak speed (SuperSpeed ​​USB

SuperSpeed 10Gbps USB 3.0Thunderbolt


USB 2.0

USB 3.1



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  1. With all the joy of technological advancement and the expansion of the theoretical possibilities offered by this, in the real world still
    There are very few devices that make usable and efficient use of the USB 3.0 standard that has been in the market for about two years. This is despite being an open standard without a proprietary right and although it is an evolution of an existing standard that does not require the production of new production lines or devices, so that theoretically all previous generation devices can inherit the new capability this standard offers in the current generation. In fact, the devices that support 3.0 version are still very expensive (relatively) and many are unable to take full advantage of the bandwidth potential offered by the device (such as hard disks and flash drives), so any improvement is welcome and desirable but would be much more interesting if It had a practical and useful expression in everyday life at least as it does for the older USB 2.0 version.

  2. Until there are no 10GbE switches it is quite unnecessary
    Once private homes become many FHD consumers on the home network, and on the home network, the NAS will need to have the NAS connected to 10GbE and other smart TV consumers… one or two 2 rooms at home, or a desktop computer - can enjoy " A full 1GbE rhythm against the NAS.

  3. Body sarcasm:
    A developer group has created a new unnecessary standard that will ensure that in the near future fast products will not be limited by cable.

    / rolleyes

    The comment about the movies by the way is pretty stupid.
    The highest quality HD movie in the world needs no more than SATA 150.
    A standard high quality HD movie may need 10MB-20MB per second.

    So what is this bitch about "Now it will be possible to stream HD movies at 1200MB per second"?

    This article does not convey a correct image to its readers.

  4. It is always interesting to read about technological developments
    But at this point I would prefer a new standard for Sata that would allow such bandwidth for internal SSDs.
    Currently, the average external storage drive is nowhere near the bandwidth utilization offered by USB 3.0.
    USB 3.1 is in my opinion a feature that is not relevant right now, but it would be nice if it was already available on Haswell Refresh's chipset or just a dedicated controller .. Not because it is necessary but just for the system to be more future proof.

  5. To 3
    This is for the new 4K resolutions 8K that were times another 2 3 years today There are already tablets with high resolutions and 30 inch computers and 4K cameras also and there are movies today that are filmed in 4K is an upgrade for the near future

  6. There will finally be an external video card
    Who want to play light a small box and have a powerful card

  7. To 7
    Only it is missing!
    Imagine you're in the middle of an FPS online game and suddenly, in the middle, the game gets better with me and you blow a bubble: "This device can work faster if you connect it to Super Spee-"
    * Shot *. Disqualified.

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