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Unexpected price for Intel's massive volume NVME drives

Need 2 terabyte of In the most compact configuration there is? You should check out this deal at Newegg's online store

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The price of NVME drives continues to surprise us for the better, and after We told you about the highly profitable versions of the Crucial P1 His brother's turn comes to the era of QLC chips, 660p's , Steal the show - at least when it comes to the 2 terabyte volume, which is the maximum that can be found today in standard 2 M.80 drives.

Newegg has made another cut to the price of the drive, And it now stands on NIS 893 as the base - and 1,094 shekels, including fast delivery to the house and VAT, for a price of about NIS 55 per gigabyte of Which can be declared very cost-effective compared to SATA drives of the same size, and not only in comparison with the various NVN drives.

Drives The first are not the fastest in the market - but they keep their original promise and become the most successful, and a significant gap from competitors

If you are interested in a more modest volume (and especially price) you can also choose In the terabyte of the 660p in question, Which is also the most profitable offer in the field right now - 625 NIS including VAT and delivery to the house.

NVM drives at 500GB and at a cost lower than the current Israeli ISR. At this point, when the Crucial P1 is returning to its original price level, The appropriate S2G sample of the Plextor brand in 512GB, M.2 and SATA interface, at a final price of ILS 274 including shipping. It pays well for those who need the miniaturized physical configuration but not for the maximal speeds of the E-.

No - but still pays off and below the VAT payment threshold

Have you found other equal deals on the net? Let everyone share your comments.


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