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Up to 32 cores, at record speed: AMD announces new Threadripper processors

7 nm lands in the extreme - a company Announces New Series Of Its Processors For The Top Of The Core Computer Market Segment 2 Speed ​​up to 64 Capillaries

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Company Announces Official Launch of Threadripper 3000 Processors Series - This Series Enables End Users to Level Unprecedented in the home market with the amount of monstrous cores in fresh and ultra fast architecture.

Like Intel, There are two platforms For the home and professional market. One platform covers the majority of users and includes the greatest performance possible between the simple and advanced processors, and another platform is only extreme and includes Possess exceptional abilities.

Today officially launches A brand new Extreme platform that replaces the previous one, the TR4. While TR4 is limited to 3.0 generation PCI-Express lanes, the new TRX40 platform comes with natural support for 4.0 lanes and of course you support the series Completely new with the device.

The world is emerging Monday New to TRX40 - one is the Threadripper 3960X and the other is the 3970X. One contains 24 processing cores and the other 32 processing cores respectively.

This is actually the debut of processors that include silicon processors in the 7 nm manufacturing process in the Extreme Bracket for Desktops. These are based on the successful Zen2 architecture we know from other Ryzen processors launched this summer. This means that this is an advanced and contemporary architecture that is used by extreme processors, and not one generation back, which can limit In some software compared to mainstream resident processors.

Amount The caching in these processors is good for architecture and is huge and unprecedented. The 3960X comes with 140MB's Cache of all levels, and 3970X comes with 144MB. Quantity of routes 4.0 across the platform is 88. In practice, the amount of paths that users can access will depend mainly on the motherboard model.

Still, most boards won't have the problem of using a variety of M.2 drives, along with several expansion cards at X8 and X16 speeds. Platform There will be the highest and highest extension in connectivity that the home user has had so far.

Company Not afraid of competition, and this is reflected in the price of new processors. While Intel has made a significant reduction in the price of its existing extras, and those that will be launched very soon, on Maintain the level of prices we saw in the generation 2000

The 3960X having the core 24 will cost $ 1,400, while the 3970X will ask for no less than $ 2,000. Talking to Robert Hallock from We were told that Completely confident in its products and standing behind them, knowingly facing the price reductions of .

To make a little order in your mind, here's a list From two chip giants with an emphasis on the amount of cores and the fact that everyone can be rushed:

Notice the interesting differences in price per single processor core. Of course, not all cores are born equal, but this can certainly be taken as a reference for performance given that these are the two most up-to-date architectures of the two companies. The new Threadripper processors are neither a "budget solution" nor a "fair replacement", Follows the mantra of "premium, and no less". There is justification at this stage as it has a distinct technological advantage in the extreme space of motherboard residency. Advantage in the amount of cores, advantage in energy consumption and advantage in advanced connectivity.

To the question "And what about the vacuum created between 750 Dollar 3950X and 1400 Dollar 3960X?" The answer was that Threadripper 2000 processors are still in the field at good prices, and they are the intermediate solution for those who want a fair amount of cores at a fair price. Surely this is true, although the technological leaps between generations And the Zen2 that the Extreme offers are part of what makes an advanced cradle desirable. Maybe many who planned to go on advanced workstations simply "settle" on the 9 The new 3950X has the core 16.

At this time, plans for launching additional Threadripper processors are not yet known. Makes sense that this will happen, but probably Prefer to keep some of the cards in hand for later.

New Threadripper Processors Will reach the market before the end of the civil year. Stay tuned for more details and extensive coverage!

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