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Intel SSD drive on 2 terabytes, now for less than 780

Original article: The common 660p model continues to shatter the highs of the storage market

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Many consumers do not really like the quad level cell (QLC) technology in the NAND storage chips used by the SSD drives, which allow for unprecedented bits of bits inside a given size chip but does so with compromise Throughout life and the random performance that is possible, but it is impossible to ignore the fact that these chips bring with them low price levels that have not been possible in the storage world so far - which is something that proves to us Time after time with its 660p series drives.

After seeing the terabyte version of this popular NVMe drive for the first time falling below the $ 100 price threshold, it turns out that the top 2 terabyte version comes at an unprecedented price - 182 dollars only, or 221.98 dollars including VAT And home delivery, which is only NIS 780 and NIS X less than any drive In the same volume that can be found in Israel.

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Intel SSD drive at an unprecedented price

After seeing the Terabyte version of this popular NVMe drive dropping for the first time under the 100 price limit, the 2's top terabyte is reaching an unprecedented price - 182 USD only or 221.98 dollars including VAT And delivery to the home, which are 780 shekels only and 300 shekels less than any SSD drive in the same volume that can be found in Israel

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775 ש"ח

This is the first time we meet on the drive Of any 2 terabyte that is sold for less than 800 shekels, or less than 40 agorot per gigabyte of - And when that happens in the model (Not the older SATA drives) capable of delivering continuous transmission speeds of up to 2 megabytes per second and random performance with 1,800KB files up to 4IOPS. The gospel is even more impressive. We recommend snatching, before the stock disappears!

The current price is less than half the original model launch price, which stood at $ 375 less than a year ago and is also considered low and competitive at the time - things are undoubtedly changing rapidly in the modern storage world

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updating: The price of the drive has returned to its lowest level! 775 NIS includes shipping and VAT (calculated by conversion rate one percent of the value of the transaction) and you have 2 terabytes of From there sells - and there is also a discounted price for the 512GB model of the drive.

Intel 660p Drive at Another Easy Price Drop

The low dollar and the updated low price make Intel's NVMe 512GB model even more lucrative - just when we thought we'd hit the peak

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