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Upgrading to Luxury: HP introduces the fourth generation of the EliteBook x360

The popular hybrid business of the American manufacturer will now come with ever brighter screens and drives In enlarged volumes

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The EliteBook x360 continues its lightweight 2019 upgrades to maintain its position as one of the most prestigious in the hybrid category, now with the 1030 model, which is progressing to a fourth perfectly fine roll.

The 13.3-inch touch screen of the computer can now be found in four different configurations, with an 4K resolution or FullHD resolution with extremely high brightness of 1,000 lumen on a BrightView panel, all with 100 coverage of the sRGB standard and shielding Of the Gorilla Glass family. Inside the unit you will find the Whiskey Lake Quad Core processors Which are the main reason for the entire upgrade in fact, with i7-8665U as the top option which is able to reach a turbo frequency of not less than 4.8GHz for short periods of time.

There are not many changes in appearance - but the hardware inside is very impressive

All of the EliteBook x360 1030 G4 storage options will be based on NVMe SSDs, with options between 256GB as base and 2 terabyte at the top end and 8GB or 16GB of efficient dynamic memory of LPDDR3 at 2,133MHz - as well as an audio array based on four speakers , A built-in NFC chip (relatively rare in PCs), a webcam supporting Windows Hello technology, a built-in fingerprint scanner, an optional 4G mobile modem, a pair of USB Type-C connections with Thunderbolt 3 support, one USB Type-A connection , An HDMI 1.4 connection and a new generation network card Which supports the technology 6 (802.11ax standard).

Folding and acrobatic fit for direct competition with the top yoga models from Lenovo

The pleasure metal computer weighs 1.27 a kilogram, able to rotate up to 360 degrees on its axis to function as a tablet, including 56-watts of working hours of up to 19 (!) Hours and an initial cost of $ 1,450. This upgrade joins the EliteBook x360 1040 G4 with 14-inch screens announced two weeks ago with the same processors And many similar properties at the starting price of 1,500 dollars and weight of 1.35 kilograms - so that those interested and those who can afford it will certainly have a reasonable range to choose from.

Justifies the price of 6,000 shekels and more? You are invited to tell us opinions in comments

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