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Using Dropbox or Opera? It's time to exchange passwords

Hacks into the servers of the two popular service providers put millions of users at risk

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Druppbox Company Has announced Because the email addresses and encrypted passwords of users who registered to its services before the middle of 2012 were exposed in a hacking that occurred probably that year. Site MotherBoard It was reported that their people had access to some of the stolen files. They say these are four 5GB files that contain details about 68,680,741 accounts. It is important to note that the passwords in these files are encrypted, so the intruders will have difficulty decoding them easily - unless they are very simple passwords.

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Drubucks reported that there was a connection between its announcement of the last days of the breakthrough from 2012. That year the company issued Message, According to which a number of users reported that they receive spam from accounts linked only to the Dropbox. The company also noted in its announcement that a stolen password was used to penetrate a Dropbox account of one of the company's employees. The intruders apparently have access to a file that contains user information in this way. It is not clear whether this is the same file that contained the details of the millions of users of that period, but it is strange that the password replacement message has come more than 4 years since that hacking.

In addition to changing the password, Dropbox encourages its customers to use it In a two-stage identification mechanism. This is a process in which the customer types his password, as well as a code, which he receives on his mobile phone (SMS).

Opera LogoAlso a company opera Reported an intrusion into its customers' data and encrypted passwords (Hashed). In this case, it's about hacking Opera Synch - a service that lets users sync their browsing data and settings across multiple devices. It's about breaking into the accounts of 1.7 one million subscribers - which is probably high, but according to the company it's about half a percent of the browser's users, which is about 350 million people.

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Both companies recommend replacing the passwords not only with their services, but also wherever the same password is used on sites and services others. Despite changing passwords, service users are still prone to phishing attacks. This is an attempt to extract the new user password by impersonating the sites where the hacking occurred originally. you have been warned.


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