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The card that refuses to die: Model Radeon RX 580 fresh from MSI

The manufacturer is planning another version under the Armor brand for the popular product from the architecture Aging

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With the advent of models Radeon RX 5300M and Radeon Pro 5300M For us, mobile phones have created the hope that soon the latest Navi architecture will expand to all of the graphics processing products of , From the bottom end with built-in graphics boxes and specially designed dedicated cards to the top edge of Awesome leaders and server accelerators - and push out all sorts of unnecessary products that recycle outdated cores under updated model names that may mislead and confuse buyers. However, there seem to be some companies that are not yet ready to part with the past - yes, We point to you.

The site publishes first images of a model New RX 580 Armor from the popular Taiwanese manufacturer, the third Armor brand for the RX 580 - offering a different printed circuit and body Has a different appearance and structure, though one that maintains the base with a pair of overhead fans Significantly made of aluminum.

The new model on the road, number three after the original Armor and Armor Mark 2
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We do not have full technical details about the model, but it is worth noting that although it is based on 2016 architecture in a relatively "outdated" 14 nm manufacturing process, we have no real opposition to its very existence - the cards RX 580 is a product owner Competitively competitive with their low price tag even today, for those willing to compromise on increased power consumption.

More than the specific frequency or number of phases in the printed circuit - we wonder what the price of the future model will be, and also the prices of models corresponding to it in the post-launch era RX 5500

If another new model of MSI helps us to continue to see RX 580 cards sold at base prices of 180 dollars and less (or NIS 750 and less in Israeli market terms) you will not hear us complain about it, even when the RX 5500 and RX 5500 XT will land in stores as an interesting alternative.


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