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Video card wars: Radeon RX 590 cheaper than ever before

The response of Watering The GTX 1660 comes to the market, making the choice of consumers more challenging

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Launch of NVIDIA GTX 1660 cards Resurrected the middle market in graphic processing, thanks to positive cost-effectiveness and efficiency that have managed to make even the popular Radeon RX 580 pale - and now the competitor Is trying to fight back by cutting prices on its existing models so that they can place maximum competition for new ones that have begun to trickle into stores around the globe.

We first heard unofficial reports about a significant price cut for the most advanced Polaris model, the Radeon RX 590, and now the prophecy seems to be coming true With Sapphire's patented Nitro Plus model dropping to a base price of just $ 220, Or 275.18 dollars including VAT and home delivery - about NIS 995, plus eligibility for three prominent games with a total cost of up to about 180 dollars as part of the Raise Your Game Fully Loaded venture.

A single model of the RX 590 is falling in price - and we hope that everyone else will see a similar trend soon

At this price, the RX 590 is essentially a head-to-head competition on GeForce GTX 1660, with performance tests demonstrating that these two cards also have very similar performance levels with no unambiguous and definitive transport for either party - though as far as additional rush potential or action efficiency is concerned Because the new NVIDIA models are clearly superior. GTX 1660 cards can now be purchased Zotac, EVGA או Gigabyte At a final price of between 270.66 and 272.56 dollars - that is, a few tens of shekels below the coveted 1,000 threshold and a little below the competing model price from the Red Camp, so you have the choice.

The cheapest GTX 1660 in the area still costs slightly less than the RX 590, so you'll need to decide what's more important to you - games as a bonus or cooler and lower power consumption

At the same time, there seems to be an attempt by AMD to lower the price of Radeon RX Vega 56 models so they can compete with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti launched last month - with a single example in the Newegg online store In the form of MSI's Air Boost model Which can be purchased for NIS 1,444.8. The cost is about NIS 180 of the cheapest GTX 1660 Ti models, although it should include entitlement to games as well as potential A little better, especially in applications that can take advantage of the increased graphics bandwidth provided God- The built-in.

Also, 56 is getting cheaper - as long as it is in stock, anyway

So who is the most affordable video card you can purchase in the market right now? You are invited to tell us what you think about the reactions.

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