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Video cards at interesting prices, now online stores

RTX cards are finally dropping below their recommended minimum threshold - and next to the discounted models, From the previous incarnation

These may be the full ones that have swelled and stabilized and maybe this is the upcoming launch of the super-versions that are giving its signal - but now there is an opportunity to get the video cards from home At better than usual prices you should know.

The GeForce GTX 1060 6GB compact card from the single-fan MSI Aero Sold at Amazon UK for a final price of 173.48 pounds including VAT and shipping (for discounted shipping costs as part of a subscription Prime), which is approximately NIS 790.

The cheapest GTX 1060 model to date?

The GeForce GTX 1650 is a fresh StormX sample from Palit Sold at the price of 146.67 pounds, ie 670 shekels.

GeForce RTX 2060 SC Ultra Gaming model of EVGA Available at a base price of 320 dollars, instead of 350 dollars in the past, which comes to 405.26 dollars including VAT and shipping to the country, ie only NIS 1,450. As an alternative, you can find the The company's XC Black Gaming model At the price of 322.12 pounds in British Amazon.

Model GeForce GTX 1660 from Palit Sold for 206.04 pounds (Amazon 940) in Amazon UK, while Model GTX 1660 from EVGA Lightweight version available for 260.51 dollars (Amazon 935) in Amazon.

GeForce GTX 1660 Ti card for EVGA It is offered at the price of 330.71 (USD) in Amazon, while at the same time The GTX 1660 Ti model is the same Available at 260.84 Pound (British Pound) in British Amazon.

A proper ticket, despite cooling based on a single fan, at a price that does not really exist in Israel

Model GeForce RTX 2070 Mini OC Double Zotac Fans Available at Amazon UK for a final price of 455.46 pounds including VAT and home delivery, which are NIS 2,065 worth.

For dessert, an interesting red alternative in figure The Radeon RX 570 model is boasted with 8GB of ASRock GDDR5 memory - Final price of NIS 694.68 online store .

The most profitable graphics card for less than NIS 700?

Want a processor with a built-in graphics core? The Ryzen 5 2400G desktop model Dropped to its lowest level so far with base price of 130 dollars, 30 dollars less than the original price tag - and 164.48 dollars (NIS 590) including VAT and shipping, with the chassis including the The Wraith Stealth makes the deal even more interesting.

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