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Volcano 12 Extreme - meets expectations

We recently reported to you a new HitSync in the ThermalTake Volcano series, which is trying to get the Volcano series out of the 11 Volcanoes. The 12 Extreme, designed for the first time for overclocking, offers a number of upgrades that at least look quite interesting on the page. In addition to the upgraded HySync, now including 66 pins (instead of 45), the fan has also been upgraded to a brand new fan with a new and intriguing design. The new fan includes only 3 wings compared to the 6 wings of the SmartFan2 fans included in Volcano11.

Today comes the first reviews that judge whether this is an innovative and interesting product or another opportunity to squeeze the Volcano series to the end. And in contrast to the skepticism of many, the results of the Volcano12 show an invaluable improvement. TechMods measured 7-5 differentials for the Volcano 12 versus its older brother in Idle mode, and even an even greater difference of 10-12 in load mode.

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