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Want a new motherboard as a gift? Guess its price Winners


"Guess the Price" Quiz Powered by MSI

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MSI recently launched three new Z170 gaming boards - the new M-series boards, named M7, M5 and M9 ACK, offer a black and red design, with design including 10 or 14 printed circuit boards for maximum stability, two M connections .2 for drives Which will not be limited by standard SATA 3, chips Built-in gaming console from Atheros, dedicated audio chips and other surprises that will give you a good reason to invest.

How do you participate?

Easily - To enter the lottery, all you have to do is write a comment with the price of the board MSI Z170A GAMING M7. If you guessed the price, your board!

Among users who share (via the "Share" button at the bottom) for a quiz on their Facebook page, 10 copies of the game will be released Far Cry 4.

The duration of the quiz

The quiz will take place two weeks, from today (30 in July) to Thursday the 13 in August. At the end we will publish the true price of the motherboard and the names of the winners, on this page.

Motherboard MSI Z170A GAMING M7 - If you guess how much it costs, you can win it

Quiz rules

  1. If you fail to hit the right price, the winner will be the one who suggested the price closest to the price of the board
  2. Participation in the quiz is done by commenting on this page either In the activity discussion In the Forum Processors
  3. Each participant may guess only once
  4. If there is more than one guess, the prize will be drawn between all the correct answers
  5. The price is determined by the company , And is not related to the selling price that will appear in stores
  6. The price is in shekels
  7. Winners of the copy 4 will receive a coupon which will entitle them to a free download of the game from the official site of Ubisoft

The quiz is over!

The board price is NIS 1399.
We emphasize that this is the price set by the company , And is not the selling price that will appear in stores.

The winner of the Motherboard among the guesses is correct: Yonidahan.

Winners of the copy 4 are:

  1. Ori Shamriz
  2. Alex Kastin
  3. Orian Matityahu
  4. Gilad Hayoun
  5. Amir Ben Sheffer
  6. Igor Zukovsky
  7. Refael Hatuel
  8. Kamelia Levi
  9. Avishay Weinberg
  10. Vladi Ostrov

Please contact us as soon as possible [Email protected] In order to receive the prize.

Thank you very much to all the participants, see you in the next quiz!



367 תגובות

  1. My estimate is NIS 1286 (I estimate that the MSI Z170A GAMING M7 board will cost between 180 and 210 dollars)

  2. Let me guess, you do not want the board!

    He simply calculated the price including customs + VAT + purchase tax + false tax.
    In the meantime, he's the closest I think.

  3. COLOR = "silv1570

    - - - Unified response: - - -

    As you are an expert, I ask you: The price you bid is more guesswork or more consideration parameters?

  4. url] http://plonter.co.il/detail.tmpl?sku=Z170A-GAMING-M7 [/ url]
    Plonter posted price: 1499-1469 NIS

  5. NIS 1315

    (Depending on whether the price is based on direct conversion or not).

  6. There were 11 people who guessed right. One of them won, what about a consolation prize?

  7. Where exactly is MSI publishing their board prices in shekels? I don't see such a list on their site.

  8. Maybe you will stop whining, what is not fair here?
    There was a quiz, there were rules and you knew them in advance.

    Why don't you cry every day that you're not the son of Teshuva? It's not Pierre either, by the same fucking logic.

  9. It took me "just" 38 a year to win something all this time ... lol
    Thank you very much HWZONE: xyxthumbs:

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