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Water cooling for the masses: Corsair enters the do-it-yourself world

The popular hardware and peripherals company is finally launching products Water for self assembly

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For a year and a half now the hardware manufacturer is giving us A variety of teasers and trailers for a line of products that will refresh the market. This is of course its Hydro X series, which is finally launched and proudly displays at Computex this year.

Hydro X is a combination of the powers of Corsair's ability to select parts that fit it, and of the various water cooling manufacturers in the world. The supply is not particularly large, but most of the beginnings are modest and to some extent. Corsair website It is already possible to select the desired parts of the system for water cooling and Visualization will help you plan your preferred cooling circuit.

Branding on the various system components - of . The production of these parts belongs mostly to manufacturers such as Bitspower, HardwareLabs and others. The available pump is the result of Laing and the D5 37W model which is no less than their advanced and reliable pump in recent years. The design and production of containers is done by herself.

The significance of this move of Is that it can also use its official distribution channels through importers to make life easy for those who want equipment Water is immediately available.

At this time it is not clear when these components will arrive in Israel and how much the components will cost, and whether they will arrive in the near future via importers outside of the official site. We hope that the supply will grow over time to provide more options for ambitious users.

As is the tradition for parts like the container, the CPU block and the video card block - everything is equipped with RGB lights and everything is controlled through the same software of , The iCUE. Thus it is possible to combine the memory, the package and various parts of the product .


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  1. Watch out for Coursier or any water cooling manufacturer
    As the owner of 3 Courier Water Cooling Systems problems
    Poor build quality, with months of noise from the system.
    One computer burned out of Courier's refrigeration problems

    Now you are seduced like kids with roaring colors?

    1. "One computer burned out of Courier's refrigeration problems" As soon as you wrote it down, it was all clear that you were a stylist and didn't understand anything.
      Computers have not been burned in 20 years.

      1. Computer memory burned to me and soaked the suket, and another time get a video card exploded ... If I happened, then probably it is possible

        1. What is the connection between a "capacitor" that is part of a PCB board and a processor? Do you understand what you write?
          The person talks about AIO cooling on a processor.

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