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Water cooling in the audit - Corsair H100: The King is naked

Corsair H100 - Water big time
This time I brought you a review of a product that I know many are curious about and want some blue and white information. Last year was introduced to you the water H80 And this time is the time I will introduce the older brother in the family,H100.
What's in the box - Corsair H100
  • Heat sink with radiator, pump and block
  • Docking kits for seats and-AMD
  • Two fans with a diameter of 120 millimeters
  • Instructions manuals for the user
Heat sink
As I mentioned earlier,H100 Very simple and works on any principle Water Marble. On one side is the unit that includes the brass-bottomed block, just above which stands the pump. This unit is connected by two pipes to the double radiator, where the water cools and returns back to the block.
It is important to note that this is a very safe system that Corsair also backs up with three years of warranty. The pipes are quite flexible and the installation of this cooling system will be fitted in any enclosure with two adjacent 120 millimeters.
How to install LGA1155
The installation procedure is relatively simple with this cooling. All you need to do is move the bolts of the back plate to the holes marked for the socket, attach it from the other side with two-sided screws and connect the block with additional screws that are actually thumb screws. Of course, tighten the screws until high pressure does not move the cooler.
To the radiator you can easily screw the fans in any direction you want using the designated screws. The fans can be connected to the back of the pump for control. You can connect up to four fans.
The process does not require dedicated tools. To be honest with you, this is the easiest and most comfortable assembly I have encountered for cooling. This is a record of Noctua Which is not easy to break.
Coolit 's Cancer Doctor
It is important to emphasize that in the past there was a known problem of pumps that after a while just start to get mad. To work inconsistently at best and to stop working at all in the worst case. I'm happy to announce that the new series rozies Hydro Corsair's problem has been fixed and there is no fear of buying Water of the manufacturer that the pump will stop working. The units The water is produced by Asetek's big rival, Coolit Systems.
Without further delay, let's move on to performance tests. I also added the results to the performance tests His little brother,H80.

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